M.Arch II vs M.S. Arch !?


Hi, I am a B.Arch graduate with 3 years of work experience. I'm looking at post professional masters programs. I noticed that Cornell, GTech, UT Austin and UC Berkeley - all provide M.Arch and MS Arch programs. 

If anyone has an input regarding pros and cons of doing MS. Arch vs M.Arch as a post professional degree, or what is the major difference between the two apart from one being studio based and the other being research based specialized program, please feel free to comment based on your experience. Also, being an international applicant, how do these programs affect the job prospects post graduation? 

Highly appreciate all your input! Thanks!

Sep 22, 18 4:08 am
Most of these programs are cash cows / visa mills. You’ll be subject to the visa lottery system as any applicant would for a job post graduation. However you’re much more likely to find someone to sponsor the visa so that you can enter that lottery if you spend your time during the program networking, as opposed to a cold application from overseas. Either of these programs are very common routes for international visa seekers. Generally speaking the M.Arch I is the darling at the ivies and the B.Arch is the darling at the highly ranked undergrads. Any other programs are less important to key faculty and primarily serve to financially support the darlings with international student tuition / rich kids looking for that ivy stamp via an easier to get into program. Some of them are genuinely interesting with key faculty doing research and pet projects. These people may or may not be able to help you find a job. It’s highly unlikely that any of them can directly hire you. The MS programs are often only 1 year vs 2 years for the M.Arch II, again generally speaking. If all you want is the chance at the visa, save time and money and go for the shortest program at the highest ranked school you can get into in the city you want to live in. Focus your time on working and networking. That may or may not mean spending a lot of time in class. Depends on who you’re trying to impress.
Sep 22, 18 10:08 pm

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