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I'm currently a grade 12 student and I want to find a school that fits me. I was wondering what schools everyone here went to, and what they thought. I'm looking into Waterloo currently and I don't find the interview that intimidating just the test.

Sep 16, 18 1:58 pm
Non Sequitur

If you have the academic chops (ie. grades) and killer portfolio, then there is no better undergrad program available in canada than waterloo.  Given it's the top of the top, competition is heavy and believe me, as someone who's interviewed nearly 100 loo applicants, the interview is intimidating.  The test is a reading/writing comprehension test.  Typically it's a well known piece of classic literature (Socrates for example).

Sep 16, 18 2:11 pm

​​I'm not quite sure which school yet. What do you think of Ryerson in particular?

Non Sequitur

Ryerson's fine although is still very technical, not unlike the hundreds of arch tech colleges elsewhere along the 401. Consider that you need a masters to even sign up as intern architect (and thus start accumulating experience hours), choose an undergrad that will allow you access to more choices come graduate studies time. 

Plenty of the schools who have M.arch degrees also have feeder arch design bachelors. Only the very top from these feeder programs ever venture out to different / better universities for M.arch.


You can find the best private school in detroit area easily, always present on directories.

Sep 19, 18 12:16 pm

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