Anyone who studied in Vienna University of Technology(TU Wien) ,is this university worth it?


So here's my concern ... I'm on the first semester in Vienna university of Technology (aka TU Wien) studying B.Sc Architecture , but my Intuition tells me that something doesn't go right... We barely get lectures like once a day , also sometimes Lectures got cancelled 30 minutes before they even begun and also most of the subject don't need you to be in the lectures in order to sit down and take an exam... so my question is; is that University really worth it for Architecture? 

Sep 14, 18 12:06 pm
Non Sequitur

No. Move on to a real university

Sep 14, 18 12:11 pm

Did you study there ? Or did you have any Acquaintances of yours who studied there?


Go to TU Eindhoven. Proper technical school. 25 hours lectures a week + design projects. 7 units per semester, with electives and great multidisciplinary academic environment with architecture, structural engineering, building physics and urban planning integrated into one course. Tuition fees are about 2000 euros/year. Course is taught in English. Great school! The only downside Eindhoven is boring.

Sep 14, 18 4:54 pm

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