M.Arch Application with CGPA 2.9


Hey all!!

I recently graduated with a B.Arch this year and I'm applying for M.Arch for September 2019. My CGPA is 2.9 and 3.5 for the final year of study. 

I got 350+5 for GRE and I'm relatively confident about my portfolio and recommendation letters. The schools I'm applying to are Berkeley, Sci-Arc, UCLA, USC, and Michigan (and a few Canadian and European schools)

My top choice is the Berkeley M.Arch, so I'm wondering if I even stand a chance that I would be admitted with my stats? Or should I look into lower tier schools? (suggestions welcome, doesn't have to be US) 

Also I only took the GRE once, should I redo it in hopes that I might get a even higher score to compensate for my ultra s***** CGPA? 

Thanks everyone in advance !! 

Aug 20, 18 4:11 pm

I’ve heard people say they got in to some programs with a subpar GPA, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility but....

Don’t be surprised if any financial aid packages are small. 

If you have a B.Arch, why do you want to get a graduate degree. Are you planning on teaching?

Aug 20, 18 4:58 pm  · 

I just noticed, Isn't the highest gre score combined 340?

Aug 20, 18 5:07 pm  · 

sorry I meant 330!!  

Aug 20, 18 6:05 pm  · 

At a few schools a sub-3.0 GPA will mean your application isn't considered at all - but at most schools it will be, it's just that the low GPA will get flagged and count against you somewhat, so you'll have that handicap in the selection process and have to overcome it with other parts of your application.  Most of us had people in our M.Arch classes who had somewhat low GPAs and got in despite them, and did fine and sometimes very well. The fact that you improved your grades greatly in your last year will help, and your higher GRE scores will be an indication also that you're up to the academic work.  The only thing you can do is apply with the best portfolio and recommendations you can manage, and see what happens.  I'm not generally in favor of calling attention to your low GPA in your personal statement, unless there was some truly unusual adverse situation that caused it, from which you later rebounded.  I would not take the GRE again - it's not that important of a factor, and the schools will still see all of the scores anyway and most schools average them.

Aug 21, 18 11:03 am  · 

A school can overlook this if you are an extraordinary individual that they see value in you. Are you that person? Also, it helps if the parents are rich. Can they afford a new library for your new school?  

Aug 21, 18 4:25 pm  · 

The real question is: how much does it matter that you received a 3.5gpa in your final year of study? Someone else on the forum needs to answer this question.

Typically, the importance and priority of judging the application is:

1) Portfolio

2) Statement of Purpose & Letters of Recommendation (interchangeable)

3) GRE

4) GPA

Although I've placed GPA as the least important and lowest prioritized factor for admission, it DOES seem to be crucial in determining how much funding in scholarships that you may potentially receive, if accepted.

Secondly, do NOT apply to "a few" Canadian and "a few" European schools if you're applying to 5 schools in the US. Figuratively speaking, that's 10-11 schools and suggests you don't care to establish a direction for yourself. It suggests that you care about acceptance to a good school, but not the right school. Asking your Letter of Recommendation writers to draft 11 unique letters of recommendation is inconsiderate of their time. Also, all of your Statements of Purpose need to be individually catered to the unique features between each school. If you're really interested in Europe, skip applying to Canada altogether.

Aug 21, 18 5:03 pm  · 

Sorry I forgot to mention, I'm actually Canadian so US tuition is on the hefty side for me, as it's only 10,000 or so CAD (~8,000 USD) per year if I stay in Canada. So applying to a few canadian schools is only if financial things don't work out for me in the states I can still go somewhere

Aug 21, 18 8:30 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Don't pay more for tuition than you have to. No value in spending the amount Americans do.

Aug 21, 18 9:04 pm  · 

which program is better suite for a B.arch bechlor? i've got one and two year external experiences but can't decide where to go M.arch I or M.arch I AP or M.arch II in schools like harvard??  Any advices plz?

Aug 22, 18 2:50 am  · 

i mean b.arch graduate. show me if you find one like M.arch IV in any school.

Aug 22, 18 11:24 pm  · 

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