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Next year (fall 20119) ill be heading to university. In the last 4 years ive gone to many camps for both lacrosse and arch/design. Ive been noticed by many coaches and schools, but have just started within the last year looking for an actual school to go to. 

I need some help/insight on whether its feasible to play sports in college and to be an Arch student.  

Aug 13, 18 12:30 am
Non Sequitur

feasible? not by a long shot.

Aug 13, 18 12:40 am

I had three students who were athletes when I was a TA. One was a hockey player the other two were track/field...

I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility, but it will require LOTS of dedication on your part. Of the three students only one had an issue with time management. 

Aug 13, 18 1:16 am

If you're serious about it, dedicated and are willing to make sacrifices, sure why not. Work smarter, not harder and have plenty of sleep and you'll be fine.

Aug 13, 18 3:59 am

It will be like having two wives.  One will be constantly unhappy.

Aug 14, 18 2:38 am

I knew one volleyball player and one track guy. Neither were particularly great at the architecture thing, so I hope they were good at sports.

That said, they both were in the studio, doing their work.  All you need to do is manage your time.  Establish priorities.  All you need is a degree and decent enough work for a portfolio. Unless we're in a recession, you'll be able to find some sort of job. 

Aug 14, 18 7:58 am
Non Sequitur

Is no one willing to address the bigger question here?

Is a career as a professional lacrosse player more lucrative than an architect?

Aug 14, 18 8:13 am

Didn't even know what lacrosse is.


It is also the name of a car.

Non Sequitur



They make them in Canada.

Non Sequitur

Probably... but most are used to haul hockey equipment. At least there is a slight chance of a career in that sport.


Ask the school. It was not allowed at mine.

Aug 14, 18 8:18 am

For sane people sports is the dream career.  

Aug 14, 18 10:01 am

Ya, obviously being a professional would be the actual "dream" but in Lacrosse there isnt really pro lacrosse (there is but only for the top of the top).

Non Sequitur

pro lacrosse... now that's a good one.


I was in marching band for the first 2 years I was in architecture school. (I'm from the south so this was a huge deal at my college.)  I quit because I didn't have the time to go to all of the rehearsals (1-1.5 hrs/day M-F, some Friday evening rehearsals, and at least one 2 hr sectional/week) and the games (all day Saturdays with some weekend away games) AND do all of my studio work.  I had friends that made it work for all 4 years though.  They were really good at managing time, but I was not.  Honestly, I got really tired of hearing people with much easier majors complain about how they had to write a paper or study for a test when I was barely making it through practice on very little sleep.  

So you can probably do it, but yeah, either your work or your sport will probably suffer. 

Aug 14, 18 10:43 am
I'm not a robot

I did sports while in undergrad.  It was tough to manage, but for meets/travel - since it was mostly only on Saturdays - I'd do my non-studio coursework while in the bus/van, on the plane, or waiting for thing to start, and prioritized studio work on Sundays. There were some conflicts with class time and practice, but I made arraignments with the coach to either come late or do a morning workout on those days.

I did well in studio and in my classes, and was pretty good at athletics, but I regretted not doing more arch competitions, being involved in social groups like AIAS, or other things that would get my work noticed more while in undergrad.

I felt I was busy then, but it was nothing compared to working full time while in grad school with a baby at home.

Aug 14, 18 11:10 pm

You should pursue sports. This is literally the one chance you have at competing at that level.. it is truly a priceless experience. Anybody who tells you otherwise has never competed at a collegiate or higher level.

Aug 15, 18 4:32 pm
I'm not a robot

agreed with this - my time in collegiate athletics was a very valuable experience - especially in building my friend network beyond architecture school. I think it also helped contribute to my strong work ethic and being a positive team player.

Oh yeah, all the best students achieve greatness that way.

Aug 20, 18 7:28 pm

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