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Hi there, 

I would like to receive some feedback on a first portfolio draft that I would like to send out for M.Arch II applications. I have a handful of schools in mind, but currently I'm eyeing the following: Columbia GSAPP, Harvard GSD, Pratt, Sci-Arc & UC Berkley. 

The link to the portfolio is as follows:

Since most schools require up to 30 pages only, I'm thinking of removing one of the projects, but I'll look into that soon. 

Thank you for your help :) !

Aug 9, 18 6:09 pm

I’d get rid of the scorecard for you software skills. I went to one of the schools on your list, this type of thing gets laughed at during portfolio reviews. 

What does two dots for whatever software even mean.

My advice, find a balance between drawing and rendering. Right now, it’s all rendering. 

Aug 10, 18 6:31 pm

I totally agree, thank you for the feedback :) !


I like the dots. You should keep them. How else would they be able to comprehend your proficiency in those programs?


Schools on that list don't care about software proficiency. They care more about thought proficiency.


Where's the process? All you show is final renders, but where did the ideas come from and how did you translate those into your projects, show the journey.

Aug 12, 18 10:43 am

Thank you !

thompson's gazelle

I agree with previous comments. Get rid of the dots for your software proficiency. At least one of the schools you're applying to prohibits including your resume in your portfolio anyways. 

Except for the diagrams in your conservatory project, there is no representation explaining the design process. You'll probably get hired somewhere if you're looking for an internship. Graphic representation is important and obviously you're good at it, but you should keep in mind that schools put more weight on how you think and design than on your graphic skills.

Aug 15, 18 4:31 am

Maybe 2000's Coop Himmelb(l)au is looking for interns

Sounds good :) thank you for your feedback ! I am re-working my portfolio as of now and will keep your suggestions in mind !

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