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Hi. I'm based in Christchurch New Zealand. I work for a company producing relocatable buildings from EPS/Colousteel panels (often known as Freezer panel). I'm curious to know if there is another type of insulated panel being used anywhere, that makes up the structure, insulation, and finished cladding and lining of a building? Cheers

Aug 1, 18 4:05 pm

You can just google "structural insulated metal panels". Very limited specialty use. Warehouses. Cold rooms. Very poor longevity of joints between panels. Terrible performance when thermally modeled. They are barely architectural. 

Aug 1, 18 5:30 pm

in some places in the US SIP is used in residential with some success but there is almost always an exterior wrap and cladding added onsite.

In the Midwest of the US we often use precast concrete but the interior tends to not be the final finish for residential construction, but some institutional and commercial applications do use the unfinished interior of precast concrete as a finish when the design intent is for a warehouse loft look.

Hope this helps

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Peter N

Aug 2, 18 9:49 am

I think GRP composite will also work for you. On i found a lot of products have the capability that you will need for panelised construction.

Oct 26, 18 6:06 am

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