University Assignment: The Development of the Modern City and Architecture


Hi there, looking for topics to write an essay on. Previous successful topics include the invention of the toilet, the post-war construction boom and the development of the Detroit disco scene.

The essay question is: 

You are asked to choose any aspect of urban, architectural, cultural, social and technological history, and explain how and why it encapsulates for you the idea of modernity and how it has had a significant impact on the development of the modern city and architecture.

Your essay should try and illustrate the qualities that make it genuinely unique and innovative. You are free to choose any phenomenon that makes up the social world, but credit will be given for thinking imaginatively and creatively. In other words, don’t go for the easy option, such as Le Corbusier, reinforced concrete, the internet or mobile phone, unless that is, you can tell us something new or put an original spin on an existing story.

Jul 26, 18 5:59 pm
Non Sequitur
Do your own homework you lazy bum.
Jul 26, 18 6:19 pm

He's serious, this can get a lot worse than calling you a lazy. do your homework, summer elective to get the credits to graduate?

Jul 26, 18 6:30 pm

how about this: modernity allows people to ask for help on their homework through an extensive infrastructural network that connects everyone. Very ghost in the shell topic

Jul 26, 18 6:46 pm



"..and explain how and why it encapsulates for you the idea of modernity.."

By definition, I can only do this for me. Not you. But for me, it's the streetcar.

Jul 26, 18 6:50 pm

For those calling me lazy, i've had numerous ideas i just am struggling to fit the topics to the essay question. All i'm asking for is a little help. 

I thought scottish lighthouses might be an interesting topic, the stevenson family revolutionising navigation and safety of ships.

I thought Typeface might be a great topic as it is literally everywhere but again relating it to the question i'm not sure how i'd go about it. 

I'm not the best with essays, it is the essay question that is stumping me more than anything.

Jul 26, 18 7:49 pm
Non Sequitur

Lazy and without imagination. Try again but this time put in a little effort.

Light houses might not fit the Urban part of the question.


I'm not looking for my assignment done for me just a helping hand or push in the right direction, thanks

Jul 26, 18 7:50 pm

There are a lot of possibilities, standardized street addresses for example.



Jul 26, 18 8:41 pm
Le Courvoisier
Scatological Urbanism, or how cities built up around dealing with their shit.
Jul 27, 18 12:08 am

and how "modernity" has always paid a blind eye to this. I believe it is a huge topic for big metropolis and their dependence on rural communities accepting their crap. Just now in some countries parks are being implemented on top of old landfills and grey water and shit slush is used in landscaping.


The struggle is part of the assignment, it helps to internalise, therefore it can't be crowdsourced. Good luck!

Jul 27, 18 12:48 am

You first have to define what is 'modern'. Is it the same as a livable, agreeable place people want to be? Is an area of late nineteenth century buildings that have been refurbished and re-purposed modern? Is a neglected group of brutalist concrete structures falling apart modern? Tough definition to begin with.  

Aug 8, 19 1:07 pm

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