What do clients know?


Got a message from a client currently in remodel mode, changing a lot of windows, and they just arrived to the site - his message was - the county recommends a SHGC of .35 or better and we only got .2 .............................I hate the internet more and more every minute. 

and if you are lurking in this forum, yes, it's you I'm talking about.

Jul 18, 18 12:50 pm
Non Sequitur

.35?  Lucky... our max is .4

higher is better right?

/not serious

Jul 18, 18 1:03 pm

I've been working out regularly and eating less carbs lately, my blood pressure is much better than a year ago.


why do you hate the internet?

Jul 18, 18 1:22 pm

Balkins Syndrome: anyone with access is an expert on everything.


yes, there's no filter and people pick and choose whatever they want to be their pet peeve of the day.


I don't think that's exactly Balkins syndrome. Most people who think they're experts because they have internet access also think everyone else can also be an expert because they have internet access. It's an egalitarian belief that all people have expert potential in anything if only we dilligently apply ourselves to googling. Balkins on the other hand believes he has inherently superior googling abilities, and that therefore he's an expert while others aren't and can't be. Here are his thoughts on that subject: "Clients are idiots. Simple as that...This is scientific law." (He assumes his clients are too dumb to find that gem, of course.)

Balkins Syndrome is an example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.


What glass type gets you 0.20 SHGC? Opaque spandrel? haha

Also if county recommends 0.35, they may be onto something. Lower SHGC is not always the best. In locations with actual winters you do want some solar heat gain. If someone has calculated regionally optimal value, you should probably consider it. 

Jul 18, 18 1:41 pm

I haven't seen a 2015 IECC (hasn't been adopted here yet), but 0.35 is the lowest SHGC in C402.3 for the 2012 edition. My area is 0.40. So... I guess what I'm saying is... they comply with prescriptive code.


Dual Low-E IG (Energy Star: Meets in NC, SC, S Zones)(R-PG30-AP) Performance Data: (U-Value: 0.28)(SHGC: 0.2)(VT: 0.45)(CR: 42)

This is at 8800 ft elevation, sun is extreme both in winter and summer, no gray winters like the coasts.


well it sounds like you have all the information needed to educate the client. Educating your client is part of the jerb.


oh, he's an extremely educated individual.

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