Hi everyone,

I'm an architecture student from Europe and next year I'm gonna finish my four year Bachelor of science in architecture. I want to apply for a master in US and Master of science at GSAPP which seems to be the most appealing for me. Is four year Bachelor of science in Architecture enough to apply? on a website it says that you should already have a 5 year professional degree in arch or its equivalent and I don't quite get if european four year degree can be equivalent in that case. 

Jul 9, 18 2:36 am

is your four-year degree a professional degree? does it fulfill the educational requirements for becoming licensed? 

you are not eligible for any post-professional program (such as the MSAAD) if you do not have a professional degree.

Jul 11, 18 9:12 pm
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No. You don't qualify.

Don't believe me? Simply email or call their admissions department (which you should have done in the first place) for an unequivocal answer.

Jul 12, 18 10:45 pm

Why would I state my real name? Not everybody is as idiotic as you by making the terrible mistake of getting in a petty and sad internet fight using your real name.

Non Sequitur

Give it a rest Jackson. Every repetition you make just keeps reinforcing our initial assumptions.

Non Sequitur

Decent portfolios get great feedback. Bad art with childish know it all authors use don’t. Plenty of examples of both. And please, don’t assume victory because I’m not rebuffing your old posts point per pathetic point. Debating this with you would only create the illusion you’re worthy of debate. You’ll get this once you start defending creative ideas in a university setting.

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Or, more likely that I’m just not interested in the weak opinions of someone not yet old enough to buy beer.

Non Sequitur

I did explain in that now deleted thread. You skipped those points and continued on with ignorance and gusto. Had you taken the time to read and unstand, perhaps you would have seen why the majorly disliked both your initial work and attitude.


I had a classmate who always argued back at the critics. One of our projects was a recycling center. The genius idea was to dig a 70ft pit just a few yards for a river and put a concrete bunker in it. Needless to say, some of the critics had a few issues with that design. What I’ll say is this. If you really want to get through architecture education, you’ll have to learn to grow a thick skin. I saw my classmate’s great ideas get shredded while the terrible ones were put on a pedestal. Research and credentials meant nothing. You could’ve ran all your projects past the top local architects and it still would’ve gotten destroyed. Jackson, people will tell you’re your projects are shit. “Clusterfuck” is going to be the least of your worries. The projects I worked on were half semester to a full semester long. Studio was 12 hours a week MINIMUM, and you were expected there well after class was over. You’re looking at 20-30 hours a week easily to be grinding away at a project. And after a semester of that, you get a grim old man wearing black who has never even seen your project before telling you that it’s trash. It happens to people. Some cry. Some quit. The rest thank the critic for his/her time and head back to the drawing board to work on that advice. If you put your heart and soul into every project, you’ll quickly realize that it’ll tear you apart. That will lead to all sorts of mental/physical health problems that nobody should have to deal with. Work hard. Hold your project at an arm’s length. And realize that while your projects represent you and your work, that humans have an amazing capacity to change and improve. In the end, the worst kind of critiques were the ones I always got. “It’s fine” “It’s good” “This is an ok idea” “You just need to work on it more”. I really wish someone could’ve gone back to my previous work and told me it was a clusterfuck, because then I would’ve had some direction.

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