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I am planning to build a new cpu. I have an old cpu currently with i3 2nd generation processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM and 1TB WD SATA  hard drive. The hard drive is just 2-3 months old and I intend to use it in my new CPU build. I already have 22 inch Dell LED monitor in good working condition. 

I do architectural work which involves Autocad 2D, Illustrator for editing pdfs, making 3D models of buildings in SketchUp and still image photorealistic rendering in V-Ray. I also intend to use Revit, Rhino and Grasshopper. 

I also do photo editing work in Photoshop and use layout and graphics software viz. Adobe InDesign (I use InDesign a lot)  and Adobe Photoshop. I do occasional video editing that consists mostly of slide shows and the videos are of 4-5 minute duration in Adobe Premiere. I never intend to play any games on my CPU.

My budget is 45000 Indian Rupees, hereinafter referred to as 'Rs.' to mention price. 

I have shortlisted the following components. Please provide your suggestions. 

1) Processor –  Ryzen 5-2600 priced at Rs. 12,990

2) Graphics Card – Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 Ti – 4GB priced at Rs. 15,600

3) RAM stick 1 = 8GB Corsair priced at Rs 6,983. (I'll later add 8GB if necessary. Not sure about whether 8GB is sufficient or not) 

4) PSU - Yet to decide. Please suggest. 

5) Motherboard - Yet to decide. Please suggest.

Jul 5, 18 6:29 am
Non Sequitur
Cool story. Is google broken? Plenty of sites available in the interwebs for this stuff but IMO, if you can’t figure out how to build a PC by yourself, you’re better off just buying something out of the box. Crowd sourcing is lazy.
Jul 5, 18 7:32 am

Haha. He might as well use the VPN for any purpose including unlocking Netflix (read more).

Non Sequitur
Also.... 8gb is almost absolute. Get 16gb minimum, 32 if you plan on running real projects in revit. Hey look at that, that’s more than half your budget in RAM.
Jul 5, 18 7:34 am

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