Help me pick a laptop?


I need to replace my old laptop (which has an ancient i7-2670QM and GT 555m) for both working and gaming reasons.

I really don't want to spend more than $1000, I want a Thunderbolt 3 x4 port, and I want a GTX 1060 or higher. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I am also wondering how long until the Coffee Lake refreshes come out.

Or you can refer to the laptop recommended in this article:, please tell me what is the best choice?

Jul 4, 18 4:42 am
Non Sequitur

is google broken?

Jul 4, 18 6:27 am

Dell G7

Jul 4, 18 12:47 pm

Tandy Model 100.

Jul 4, 18 2:21 pm

Purchase a Macbook Pro, there's a reason a significant portion of architecture students and young professionals choose a Macbook over a PC despite their instructors and mentors emphatically suggesting otherwise. It's because they are beautiful machines that have no equal in aesthetic and performance.

Sep 17, 18 12:51 pm

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