Question about non-architecture undergraduate majors for the purpose of eventually pursuing an M. Arch


Recently, I've been thinking about architecture as a possible career path for me.  Obviously I'll need to think about it more and hopefully shadow an architect, but regardless the University I'm going to be attending in the fall doesn't have an architecture program.  I can't transfer because I have a full ride scholarship, but I know that you can get an M. Arch without an undergraduate architecture major.  So I was wondering what might be some good undergraduate majors to possibly pursue if I want to go to grad school for architecture afterwards.  

Jun 22, 18 11:23 pm
Non Sequitur


and take drawing classes in community college if you feel you need to.

Jun 23, 18 12:00 am
Dr. Architecture

First and foremost, select a major that you will do well academically as graduate programs are competitive.  Next, select a major that you will enjoy and want to do.  If possible, select a major that is related or connected to design as you will need to submit a portfolio when applying to graduate programs.  For example,

Landscape architecture, Interior design/architecture, Studio art

However, I appreciate you think you cannot transfer because of the full ride scholarship, but sometimes the best decisions are to take a step back to two steps forward.


Jun 24, 18 6:41 am

Major in civil engineering with all the art appreciation courses you can find as electives.

Jun 24, 18 7:58 am

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