Extract Google Earth Buildings for 3D modeling?

Hello All,

Looking for software that can extract Google Earth 3D information and imagery. I want to bring our rendering in house. Some of the external renderers I've used (3 all together) are clearly using software that extracts the buildings and imagery but are not letting me on to what it is. Maybe someone here can help? 

Totally happy to pay for a great software if it's out there.

Please let me know what you think or where to go.

I should note that I have tried...
1. The 3D Ripper Method. No success. I have read a lot of comments and forums that mention it "does not seem to work anymore."
2. Very familiar with OSM world. Great tool for studying massing, but need something with more imagery and terrain.
3. Have done the photo/stitch method. Works okay, but I need quite a bit of context.

Jun 18, 18 7:26 pm

The Warehouse?

Jun 19, 18 3:44 am

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