I know I want architecture now and i'm now looking into possible schools. I live in Nova Scotia currently and am willing to go all over Canada. I also have American citizenship but I haven't looked into many architecture school in the US. I also take almost all math and science courses and I don't want to waste that. Would a bachelors in arch and science even worth it to become a certified architect. 

A  = 4.0 = 85 –100% This is a GPA conversion, my current average is 90%.

May 24, 18 1:20 am
Non Sequitur
Stay in Canada, tuition is much cheaper and the education equivalent if you stick to either Waterloo or McGill for your bachelors. Note that you WILL require a M.arch to register as intern architect and start the licensing process (min 3 years post graduation).

Some places will take non arch undergrads into their masters programs but at the cost of an additional 1 to 2 years. If you want to practice, aim for Waterloo and start assembling that portfolio. Grades only get you the interview (yes, they interview kids as part of the acceptance process).
May 24, 18 6:28 am

So if I understand you correctly, I'll have to go straight from undergrad to MArch. I noticed Waterloo had automatic acceptance into their MArch program. 

May 24, 18 7:45 am
Non Sequitur

You do not have to go straight from bachelor to masters but you cannot start to accumulate your experience hours until you complete an M.arch. So, by all means, take a few years to work and whatnot, but remember that anytime in an office will not count towards your minimum requirements to write the exams. As for waterloo, it's not automatic acceptance (Mcgill has a similar setup). It is unlikely that some might not get acceptance (and I've known of a few who should not have been allowed in), but you still need to meet the minimum reqs and submit your research/thesis statements. Just note that waterloo has mandatory COOP and after your 1st year, runs 3 semesters per year... aka, no summers off.


"you cannot start to accumulate your experience hours until you complete an M.arch." - is that statement specific to Canada? In the US, you can accumulate AXP (IDP) hours without an accredited professional degree

Non Sequitur

Yes, specific to Canada. They made changes 5 years ago and now only hours gained after your March count.


If you need a target: Waterloo, no doubt about it. You'll be much happier staying in Canada. Don't even consider the US, it's borderline idiotic to go to architecture school here if you're Canadian.

May 26, 18 4:26 am

Another option is Dalhousie.  You'd do 2 years gen ed, then apply to their BEDS program.  2 more years doing BEDS and you have your Bachelor of Environmental Design.  If you apply and get into their Masters program it's 2 years.  Note: beginning in BEDS you enter a trimester system, and don't have summers off.  During your 4 years in the BEDS / MArch track you get two work terms, one 12 weeks and one 24 weeks.

The school seems to focus more on construction and actual building knowledge compared to most other schools in Canada (Waterloo is the other school that seems like a good choice).  I start my BEDS journey at Dal this September.

I'm also a dual citizen. Don't even think about going to school in the US.  The prices are insane.  Total cost for 2 years of BEDS and 2 years of MArch at Dal is estimated to cost me ~$35k CAD total. 

May 29, 18 11:22 am

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Jul 11, 18 6:30 am

Stay in Canada so you don't have to come back and take transition courses on Canadian Standards and codes.

Jul 11, 18 11:52 am

Best employees I ever had came out of Waterloo.  I went to UBC and although I appreciated the diversity of the program because it tied together with the planning school / landscape program the technical training of the Waterloo students through their Co-Op program was very good.

Jul 11, 18 12:41 pm

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