Rejected for Architecture and Urban Design in Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Hello Everyone,

Greetings from India!!!

This is Jose Sibi from India (currently working in Dubai). I recently applied for the Architecture and Urban Design program in PoliMi but unfortunately rejected. I got in for my second option of Architecture and Building Engineering but I have decided not to go since I'm going to try again for the Urban design program in the spring semester.

Could I receive any inputs from anyone regarding the requirements that would be deemed fit by the panel or a share of the links to the respective portfolios that were accepted(for the Urban design track) so that I can duly improve my portfolio.

I am adding a link of my portfolio here.
Also a link to my admission letter for the Architecture and Building Engineering Track to show you that this is a genuine request.

Best regards,
Jose Sibi

May 12, 18 6:32 am

Well, by no means do I have any authority on grad school application advises, but I do have something to say based on a pure visual standpoint. I have a lot to state but I will say a bit first.

Visually it is too messy. There are colors everywhere. Less color variations, lower saturation, and higher consistency are needed.

Organization wise the pages are too clustered. make sure you have something simple sandwiching the detailed pages.

Some renderings got the perspective wrong: cars are smaller than people, perspective is not consistent, etc.

May 12, 18 11:21 pm  · 

It is simply not a portfolio made for the purpose of applying for an urban design program. 

First, you call it an architectural portfolio, second you are an architect, third you only have experience as an architect. And the projects in there that you could say deal with the urban scale lack a certain depth and understanding of simple urban design principles. 

You've got into the Politecnico with this work, so they must see something in you and your work. That is a very good thing, you should be happy about that, it's an awesome school! Based on the projects shown and your work experience I'd say Architecture and Building Engineering is much more up your alley. If you could still accept the Architecture and Building Engineering offer, I'd just take it. 

I seriously doubt if reworking your current portfolio will get you into their urban design program, so I'm not even going to try and give advice on that aspect:

May 13, 18 4:24 am  · 

Well son. I just fell upon this thread today. Thanks a lot for your words and song. You maybe glad to know that I did not accept the Building and Engineering Track because I waited it out, re-jigged my portfolio and eventually did get accepted into PoliMi for my first option of Architecture and Urban Design.

Now only if I could dedicate you a song. Oh wait.

Oct 4, 18 3:42 pm  · 

Great comeback! I really hope "You've got the [urban design] in you!"

Oct 4, 18 4:27 pm  · 

Molte grazie :)

Oct 5, 18 2:44 am  · 

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Oct 5, 18 4:10 am  · 


Oct 4, 18 5:34 pm  · 

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Hello, I would like to apply to PoliMi it would be a huge help if I could possibly see your portfolio as well as its modified version.

Aug 6, 19 7:00 am  · 

Hi, congratulation on your application,

your portfolio is missing, if you could post it again it would be a great help for some, and If you could your last portfolio you gave to them

Dec 13, 19 12:09 pm  · 
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