KTH or Polimi for Masters in Architecture?


Hello everybody!

I have been accepted in this two masters degrees: Kth Architecture Masters Degree and Politecnico di Milano Architecture and Urban Design Masters Degree, I am having a difficult time in obtaining more information and picking over them.

1) Polimi is ranked 9th in the world for architecture in the latest QS University Rankings somewhat impressive, however I have heard many complaints of their excess of students per masters degree and the relation student/professor is really low. 

2) Kth is ranked 24th, their programme offers a series of studios with multiple directions to take regarding on your interests, besides living in a place like Sweden where everything "works" is really appealing to me.

My goal is to study in a great university where I can learn mainly about the topics that passions me (housing design, public space, public buildings) and have a chance to work abroad in Europe. 

So if anybody has a comment about this two universities or any other advice I would be largely grateful.

Apr 19, 18 10:41 pm

First of all, QS is a trash ranking system. You see where they put MIT?

Second of all, both those schools suck you would be a fool to waste your time at either

Apr 20, 18 9:30 am

wow! You definitely have a lot to say!

I think what you just said isn’t what I am looking for, but thanks anyways?

Apr 21, 18 12:51 am
Neither of those universities “suck” they are both very good quality schools, but don’t look at the rankings of a university to decide where to pursue your studies. If you see a future for yourself in the north, KTH would be a better option, if you see a future for yourself in Italy, You should pursue Milano.

At KTH you have options of several studios that focus on different topics (you choose a studio and remain in that studio for the year), so the studies are this way more individualized. However, the students from Milano from my experience have a much better grasp on the technical side of architecture, and KTH does not focus on this quite as much.

Your ultimate success will not come from what university you attended and what ranking that university had, but from your own personal motivation and skill. Good luck.
Apr 21, 18 3:59 am

Thanks for the answer :) You have a really good point, to be honest I am focusing a lot on rankings instead of what I am "looking for" after reviewing a bit of Polimi's course catalog it seems the technical side is really strong and severe (which is good) however, I am looking that many of the examinations are in oral form? So perhaps a lot of memorization is pushed :/


While in Sweden I am looking a lot of different workshops and seminars to pick depending on your interests, it looks a lot more personalized as you mentioned. I am liking Sweden more, I have always been a big fan of Scandinavian Design and I would love to learn that type of design really deep.


Are you not italian? Well then you should know that Polimi is a degree mill (that's why the programme is in english) and the exams are oral so everyone can pass. If you plan to go to KTH in order to work later in Sweden, bear in mind you won't find a job unless you are fluent in the language.


Hey Giancarlo,

I believe you already joined PoliMi last year. Would you be kind enough to share a few valuable inputs regarding the program and how you feel about it?

May 19, 19 3:38 am

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