Getting into a B.Arch program in Canada


Hi, I'm a student currently in grade 10 that is interested in pursuing a degree in Architecture. I have a couple questions regarding things I should watch out for and looking for some advice.

I'm looking to go to university in Canada

  • What would the Architecture program consist of coursework and assignments wise?
  • I am fairly strong in Math, Science and Art but am lackluster in ELA and Social Studies. Is this something I should worry about and how will this affect my chances of getting into the program (B.Arch)?
  • What is the difference between Architecture and Landscape Architecture? 
  • What do I need to get a Masters in Architecture? 

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any insight you have. 

Apr 15, 18 12:17 pm
Non Sequitur

there are no B.Arch degrees in canada, only accredited M.arch.  I believe there are 10 universities which offer architecture related bachelor degrees in architectural science/study and each is different from the other... not to mention far away (hint canada is wide).

To answer your questions:

  1. Architecture undergrad is very demanding and could easily run 80+ hours of coursework per week, consistently, for many months in a row.  Depending on the quality of university (Waterloo at the top end, UofT on the bottom), you'll get a mix of creative design studios, technical building science courses, physics, and professional practice.
  2. You'll need reasonably strong writing and presentation skills as you'll be required to speak convincingly about your work in front of an audience.
  3. Architecture is about buildings and design, landscape can, but is primarily concerned with the settings around (ie. plants) or urban hardscape.  
  4. You'll need a M.arch to become an intern and log hours towards licensing in Canada.  To get into a M.Arch, you'll need reasonably strong grades, a top notch portfolio, and good time management.
Apr 15, 18 12:25 pm

Thanks for the reply


I have one more question though, do you think finding a job after obtaining a M.Arch degree will become more difficult over the next couple of years?

Non Sequitur

Not sure how to answer that one. You don't need an M.arch to work in an office, however, you need one to eventually write your exams for licensure. Most offices look for M.arch people as BAS folks tend to leave after a few years to go back to school.


Ok thanks for your help

Non Sequitur

don't think about job options just yet... you have 8years or so until you hit that point. First, try and figure out if you really love the idea of designing buildings... and not just the broad design stroke romantic aspect, but all phases of constructions. Then go to the nearest architecture school during its open house.

Zil P

Hi, I'm currently in grade 12 and am looking to apply to a university in Canada. But none of the universities have a B Arch degree. What is the equivalent degree for bachelors in architecture? Also, what is the duration of an M Arch degree? Thanks.

Jun 13, 19 3:45 pm
Non Sequitur

The Barch was discontinued a long time ago in Canada. Now the path is a B.A.S (4y architectural studies) + an accredited M.Arch. The length of the M.arch (2y vs 3y) depends on the quality of your undergrad degree. Just note that some M.arch programs are open to applicants with non-design, non-architecture undergrad degrees. So, in all, you're looking at 6 to 8y for both degrees. 5y if you're very lucky and exceptionally smart.

Zil P

Thank you so much.

Jun 16, 19 1:30 pm

Can we be considered architect after having bachelor in architectural studies/science?

Oct 25, 19 11:36 pm
Non Sequitur

No. Read the discussion above.

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