dress code for open house?


They said casual but casual? Going to Texas which is super hot so packed shorts.

Mar 22, 18 9:26 am
Non Sequitur

Bring the cowboy hat, belt buckle, and spurs. Boots optional if you can fit the spurs on sandales.

Mar 22, 18 9:38 am

really helpful thanks


texas is open carry as well, so make sure people see your sidearm

This is for school?

If so and if it is a particularly religious school then it would be business casual, if it is secular I would suggest wearing what is comfortable, Be aware that in the south they tend to crank up the AC in the summer so bring a sweater or long sleeve shirt you can pop on or off as needed if you are susceptible to being cold indoors during air conditioning season.

Mar 22, 18 10:28 am

sorry im talking about arch grad school and definitely not religious lol


Screw that.  Dress to impress.

Mar 22, 18 10:31 am


Mar 22, 18 10:37 am

Look at pictures on the school's website, of similar events at a similar time of year.  Most open houses aren't at all formal - whatever students would wear to class is fine, though usually attendees tend to dress more like what students would wear for a crit day with guest critics - so one step up from everyday student wear. 

An exception would be if it's a school that has a more formal dinner as part of its open house (in which case they would have told you that in the invite materials).  If you'll be going to a restaurant or to an alumni club or to a faculty member's house for dinner (all things that happen at certain schools) then you'd want to dress up slightly for that - though unless they tell you otherwise you could still expect nothing more formal than business casual.

Mar 22, 18 12:53 pm

this looks appropriate.

Mar 22, 18 1:42 pm

The denim button down shit says formal but can kick ass at a moments notice.


That person would have their ass kicked before they hit 'post comment'


Frank Gehry was inspired by Chuck Norris after he saw him punch a building really hard.


Is this UT? And you've already been accepted? Wear whatever you want. 

Mar 22, 18 1:49 pm

Wear that same old, baggy t-shirt with the stain on it that you got from that team-building exercise.

Mar 22, 18 3:19 pm

team building exercise '99?




Is it UT Austin? Last time I visited there some hipster was wearing a gandalf cloak... Wear whatever you want.

Mar 23, 18 11:23 pm

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