Rice or Cornell MArch1


Hi guys,

I'm currently choosing between the MArch 1 program of these two schools.

Rice( 1/2 tuition/yr ) tuition about 30k/yr

Cornell(14k/yr) tuition about 54k/yr

Both very good schools. Rice is definitely cheaper, but Cornell seems to have more opportunities and a better international reputation. I don't have a architecture background so it's kind of hard for me to choose by faculties. They all seem pretty nice to me.


Mar 20, 18 3:56 pm

And btw does anyone know if it's possible to bargain for the stipend? Do you just email the admission office?

Mar 20, 18 3:59 pm
Non Sequitur

gosh that's a shit ton of debt.  Take the cheapest option and thank me later when you realize how lucky you are that you can buy a house instead of looking at 20y long loan repayment plans.

Mar 20, 18 4:03 pm

Actually money is not that much a problem unless it's insanely expansive(like GSAPP). I have some savings from some earlier investments, so it's more the program i'm concerning about.


Use those savings for something els...

Non Sequitur

Must be nice not to care about that. You’ll make a fine underpaid intern follow graduation.


Yes, don't spend all your capital on the degree. Your career options can be so much greater if you have some money in the bank.


RICE. Yes Cornell is a phenomenal school but the name of the institution is not the only thing that determines how successful you will be. How hard you work and what you accomplish during your M. Arch time period matters just as much. RICE certainly will give you that opportunity with way less debt.

Mar 20, 18 4:24 pm

Rice, because Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth and the rest of the state is booming. People and businesses are leaving New York state.

Mar 20, 18 5:31 pm
Hey volunteer. Is Houston really booming? What makes you say that?
Mar 20, 18 5:54 pm

Yes, the architecture market quite healthy overall. Low oil prices have dinged a few sectors, but things are good overall.


Everyone I've seen from Rice has had amazing well rounded portfolios and a stronger than normal grasp of what it takes to get buildings built post-school.  I've only met less than 10 or so, YMMV

Mar 20, 18 5:59 pm

One report has Houston creating 70,000 jobs in 2018. The city is coming out of the oil slump and is beginning to be known for its universities and colleges and medical programs. The city has fourteen colleges and universities. Ithaca, NY, is known for Cornell and not much else.

Mar 20, 18 6:04 pm

Absolutely go to Cornell. I don't have time to explain in-depth regarding the faculties and curricula between each school, but Cornell is probably a better choice for your interests, probably because they're better at everything than Rice.

For those advocating for Houston being a big city with a lot of jobs. No. It's not a city for someone who's talented enough to get into Top 10 schools. Rice graduates are supposed to leave Houston. Cornell does a semester or two in NYC, if you didn't know. You will be a shoe-in to all of the largest firms, most talented offices in New York and most of your professors at Cornell can get you interviews there.

Cornell's M.Arch was ranked #2 last year. Tied with MIT?! Enough said.

source: Architectural Record

Mar 20, 18 9:40 pm

Rankings are worth less than used toilet paper. The methodology used by Design Intelligence is unreliable with many bizarre choices throughout the years. Anybody that points to them and says "Enough said" is an imbecile.


Rice graduates are supposed to leave Houston? It is the fourth largest city in the country. Are Cornell graduates, after their two semesters in New York City, not supposed to go back there?

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