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I am an architecture student from India !

I have recently received offer letters from a few universities, namely,

1) AA - M Arch Sustainable Environmental Design

2) University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

3) IIT College of Architecture, Chicago

I am interested in a course which shall provide me better job opportunities post-completion of the course. Also I am looking forward to specialize in Sustainable Architecture Design.

Having known the problems caused in Architecture Employment due to brexit in UK and the importance of STEM designated M Arch courses giving fair employment opportunities in the US, would Universities in the US be a right choice to make even though knowing the course at UK is more worthy?

I urge professionals, academicians, students who have better insights to the above said cause , to discuss and help make a right decision.

Your concern is highly appreciated !

Mar 19, 18 11:01 am

Find what you love and let it kill you.

Mar 20, 18 2:41 am

Is it that difficult a question that it is being ignored ?

Apr 11, 18 3:06 am

How can anybody on a website know what is right for you when we don't know you, your situation, where you ultimately want to practice, the future in general, etc. etc. etc.?

You're focused on the wrong thing IMHO.  The school you attend is less important than what career you pick in the first place, and where you practice.  Architecture is maybe OK if you have independent financial resources.  Otherwise, it is dubious proposition, at least here in the US.  Many threads on this general topic.  Whatever you do, don't take on heavy debt.

Apr 11, 18 7:03 am

Thanks for your opinion 


Apr 11, 18 7:35 am

I initially choose a K-12 Private School for a start.

Sep 12, 18 11:22 am

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