Parsons Pratt or SAIC MArch program


Parsons, Pratt, or SIAC? 

I just got accepted to all 3 schools for their 3 yr master of architecture programs. Btw,  Parsons offers 20% off tuition and Pratt offer 20k per year. I am not really clear on what these programs focus on.  

i want to hear what people have to say about them. 

Mar 15, 18 3:14 pm

You aren't sure what these program focus on... yet you applied to them before finding out? Are you an idiot?

Mar 16, 18 5:47 am

No i'm not but i think u r unless u have any useful advice


I have some useful advice, go back in time 6 months and tell your stupid past self to spend 2-3 hours researching one of the most important decisions of your life instead of blindly applying to schools you know nothing about.

Mar 27, 18 9:53 pm

Sorry people on here don't know how to just answer a question... 

I understand because I did the same - when I wanted to know the focus of the program, it was less about academics (because you could just look that up) but more so the culture of the school itself.

I'm not from the US so my impressions may be completely off; I sense that Pratt & Parsons are pretty design-y schools so not only will the program likely be very design focused, but so will your colleagues, the events the schools put on, etc. 

Ratings wise, they sit very close to each other.

Look up notable alumni as well. It's not an accurate depiction of your future, but it will for sure give you an idea on strengths of the school. 

Lastly and the most useful thing I've done - look up actual graduates or current students of the programs on LinkedIn, send them a courteous message explaining why you are reaching out to them, and ask if they have time for a quick 10-15 minute call this week. If they agree, call them, get some real perspective and then follow up with a thank you note.

Mar 28, 18 7:10 am
Non Sequitur
Take the cheapest option. You can thank me later.
Mar 28, 18 7:23 am

Hi Yangtze -

What do you mean when you say "Parsons offers 20% off tuition"? Through what process did you secure that assistance?


Jan 28, 19 3:35 pm
Janhavi Savalia


Can you tell me which one did you end up choosing? 

I am in a similar dilemma and would definitely like to know more.

Mar 24, 20 6:37 am

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