Hotel Thesis Proposal


good day, i am a 5th year architecture student and is taking now my thesis. may i ask for advice on how to determine the number of rooms for a hotel.

Mar 13, 18 12:28 pm

a hotel needs to be profitable. look at successful revenue hotels and ask yourself how they boost hotel profitability. 

Mar 13, 18 7:56 pm


Mar 13, 18 8:03 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

infinity is not a number...and georg cantor was wrong...

Sir Apple Chrissy



Infinity is not a number. That is why it makes for a good studio project.

Sir Apple Chrissy

it's pretty complicated and often called - "keys"

but real rudimentary - it's a mix of allowable as per zoning (if applicable) to financing of project to cost of running hotel to cost per room, etc...

if you want to limit yourself easily without worrying about the financing, limit your footprint and building envelope and then design efficient spaces, around 15' deep by 9' wide with a bathroom and closet at the entrance, etc...

Mar 13, 18 9:04 pm
wurdan freo

study the hotel california... you can check out but you can never leave.

Mar 13, 18 9:37 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

Good one

Non Sequitur


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