Architectural Thesis Proposal


hi, im a 5th year architecture student now and i am currently making my thesis. my proposal is Hotel resort with convention center but my problem is how can i determine the number of rooms should i provide for the hotel because the city where my site is located doesnt have any data or census on how many tourist come and go every year in the city. thankyou for any responses.

Mar 13, 18 12:27 pm
Non Sequitur
  1. What you claim to be a thesis is just a final project
  2. If you can't find the tourism data:
    1. make an educated guess
    2. look harder than a 2min google search
    3. Study existing context
  3. Room number is determined by many other factors than demand.  Consider site area, available parking, local zoning restrictions, context, etc... That's why you're in school.
  4. Profit

Mar 13, 18 12:31 pm

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