Draw mega projects and innovative buildings without BA or MASTERS


Is it possible to draw reliable projects and innovative buildings without a degree in art nor architecture to give to an architect or a design firm to execute 

What are the best places to learn that professionally in less than 6 months either online or in person ? 

Thank you

Mar 12, 18 8:20 pm
Non Sequitur
Yes, if you have tens of millions of dollars to burn.
Mar 12, 18 8:50 pm

I can personally teach you how.
3 month residency, $1mil/month all inclusive fee

Mar 12, 18 10:01 pm

Yes it's possible, but not to get a job.  I assume you want to build your own house or building.  I'll tell you all the books you need:

materials & methods

Soil mechanics

engineering geology

structural analysis

electrical wiring


reinforced concrete

post tensioning

pre tensioning


u need a rudimentary knowledge of mechanics also.
I dropped out of school cuz they did it all on paper.

Mar 13, 18 1:22 pm

you can also order structures equipment


but all the structures experiments combined comes out to 100,000$
it took me about six months to learn structural engineering

Non Sequitur

How's that music career going?


but, and i forgot this, only the advanced mechanics book treats curved beams


No, you need to know what ontology means.

Mar 13, 18 1:24 pm

Draw? yes. Reliable? no.

It's *possible* to teach yourself brain surgery, but I'd advise against it.

Mar 13, 18 2:00 pm
accesskb  watch Gehry's lecture everyday for the next 6 months.  ;)

Mar 14, 18 2:40 am

Of course you can, just as well as Pierre Brassau could paint.

Mar 14, 18 3:15 am

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