U Wash vs Berkeley vs Wash U


I've been lucky enough to gain acceptance into the above three M Arch programs. I would appreciate any thoughts on which to choose. Some major things I am weighing are: sustainability, multidisciplinary options, dual-degree possibilities, mentorship, post-graduation employment and quality of life. I will also mention that I have a physical disability, so I need a school that will work with me and be understanding. Thank you for any thoughts or advice. 

Mar 10, 18 1:43 pm

you chose and applied to schools before seeing if they would work with you and be understanding of your physical disability?

you listed wash u twice btw. but assuming the third is in the same tier as the others it really comes down to you visiting the programs during their open houses and going with what you feel will work best.

Mar 10, 18 6:04 pm

U Wash = University of Washington (Seattle)

Wash U = Washington University in St. Louis


platzzwischendenrucken - placebeyondthesplines is that you??


Damn, my old eyes made a mistake. I humbly accept my mistake. With that being said UW is a tier below WashU and Berkeley. Decision should be between the both and a visit to both campuses would be the most beneficial for his/her unique situation.


no, I don’t let these nonsensical and arbitrary “tiers” guide my thinking like platzz does (Columbia is apparently a “tier 2 school”). also I know the difference between WUSTL and UW.

but I agree that the time for questions about accommodating a disability was before applying (and that such questions are far better answered by the admitting institutions than internet strangers).


Just realized this troll with obvious overcompensation issues is back. Are there no mods on Archinect? This guy gets banned but he can just make another account?


The city of Berkeley is where the disabled rights movement in the US started. I don't think you will have any issues with your disability not being understood or accommodated both in the school and in the broader community and I also don't think you will feel isolated or even unique as a student with a disability. Beyond that the quality of life in the bay area is tough to beat culturally, weather-wise and natural beauty-wise. Tom Buresh who is the head of the architecture department is one of the best most encouraging professors I ever had. If I was going to do it all over again I would go to his school without a second thought. 

Mar 11, 18 2:13 pm

Thank you so much for your response- it gave me a lot of hope. May I ask when you attended Berkeley?


I can speak about WashU. some thoughts -

- the city of St. Louis will be a running theme through the core studios and education in general. could be a unique place for architectural studies especially if one is interested in intersections of urbanism/architecture within the context of a peculiar American city.

- curriculum designed to give students ample space to sort their interests via electives (especially for the 3 year m.arch). broad options to choose from. emphasis on writing in seminars - and book making as well, every one at washu will tell you they had to make at least 3-4 books through their studies.

- dual degree combining a pairing of architecture/landscape/urbanism possible. electives will also provide chance to dive into certain specialty topics in landscape and/or urbanism to m.arch students. common to have a close relationship with faculty from land/urbanism through crits, option studios, or even having one as an advisor for thesis even if youre m.arch.

- great visiting faculty at advanced studios, possibility to make lasting connections with architects all around the world / faculty international and diverse

- established study abroad programs. current ones include Berlin, Barcelona, Buenos Aires to choose from.. urban design has a long running program at South Africa.

- opportunities for traveling abundant which ive found to be paramount to architectural education. very common for an advanced studio to travel in the country or internationally for a week

- quality lecture series / perhaps normal for a top architecture school but still a bit surprising considering midwest isnt exactly the center of the world.

- people find jobs across the country after graduation. Denver, Seattle, Kansas City seem to be increasingly popular destinations - in addition to the usual mix of LA, NYC, Chicago - and of course St. Louis itself.

Mar 11, 18 11:50 pm

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed response, you gave me a lot of good info and a lot to think about when I go visit Wash U soon!

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