Architecture study books & references - Need Help!!


Hello there! I'm an architecture student currently in the first year of B. Arch. Apart from my current study books (which are not quite interesting tbh) I would like to know the course books, & reference books you studied during your course or are currently studying that you would recommend to a fellow architecture student for good. I would really appreciate ! :) 

Thanks in advance --- 


Mar 6, 18 2:13 pm

DK Ching's books: Visual Dictionary and Form, Space, & Order. Then there's the Architecture Graphic Standards. Times Savers books like Building Types, etc. These books that will give you more or less some technical knowledge. Then of course there are the coffee table books / portfolios / catalogs of various architects, project types, etc for aesthetical reference. I enjoyed BIG's Yes is More and the TASCHEN books featuring different architects.

Mar 6, 18 11:52 pm

I don't know where you're at as far as your education/interest etc...but this is one of my favorite texts, even if its just to soak in the graphical info.

Mar 7, 18 2:31 pm

I second the Ching recommendation.  I particularly enjoy Building Codes Illustrated, especially if you are more unfamiliar with the codes because it interprets them graphically as opposed to just verbally.  Same with Building Construction Illustrated - it has a lot of the basic ways of detailing so you can start to familiarize yourself with how things go together.

Architectural Graphic Standards is good; I would either look at the student version or check it out from your library as it can be very pricey.

Look through archinect or other books in your school's library for architects you enjoy.  Pay attention during your architectural history courses and see if there is anyone there who fascinates you.  You could also check Detail magazine - see if your school library has it - look at the projects they feature, materials used, and how things are put together in a clean way.

Mar 7, 18 2:38 pm

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