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Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone knew whether the professional M.Arch programs are STEM degrees as of this year(2018) in the following universities:

- UC Berkeley, College of Environmental Design

- Princeton university, School of Architecture

- MIT, School of Architectue+Planning

The reason I am asking is because a lot of M.Arch professional degrees are still in the process of qualifying as STEM. I can't seem to find a consolidated list anywhere of which M.Arch degrees are currently STEM or not.

Any clarification about this would be greatly appreciated!

Mar 5, 18 10:56 am

Those qualification procedures tend to be internal to the institution, ask them. And why would that matter? 

Mar 5, 18 11:24 am  · 

It matters for international students, because the government maintains a list of STEM-classified programs, and international students can stay in the US longer if they do one of those programs because they're entitled to the OPT extension. It's not just an internal institutional thing - the programs must be classified this way by the state's office of higher education.



Doesn't answer your question on those three schools but as of April of last year, PennDesign has qualified for STEM status in M. Arch 1 and MS in Design programs.

Here's a link to the article:

Mar 5, 18 12:59 pm  · 

Three additional PennDesign master’s programs have earned approval for STEM designation from Penn Provost Vincent Price. The Master of Architecture, the Master of Environmental Building Design, and the Master of Science in Design programs join the Master of Science in Historic Preservation and the Master of Urban Spatial Analytics for the designation. As a result, international students in these programs are now eligible to work in the United States for three years after graduation.

1- Internal process.

2- ohhhhh... It's a "way in." That's interesting. 

Mar 5, 18 1:03 pm  · 

Again: not just an internal process. These classifications have to be accepted by the states' offices of higher education to be added to the list maintained by the Department of Homeland Security.


Noted. I had missed your earlier correction.


it’s almost like you should know what you’re talking about before correcting others who do


I know that UCLA's M.Arch program is STEM eligible beginning 2018-2019. Not sure about UC Berkeley.. but it's possible.

You should really just ask those schools directly. E-mail or call their admissions office. Good luck!

Mar 6, 18 11:42 pm  · 

UC Berkeley is confirmed to be STEM starting this year, 2018! so the graduate students graduating this May 2018 will be eligible for STEM. Does anyone know if Harvard GSD is got STEM?

Mar 20, 18 1:16 am  · 

hmmm..... science, technology, engineering, math... I don't see architecture anywhere in there.  It's sort of like when some start pushing STEAM (art).  They're totally missing the point, but hey, if the govt. wants to consider it STEM, and that helps your international status, go for it.

Mar 20, 18 8:54 am  · 

Princeton’s Professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree is STEM designated.

May 15, 18 3:12 pm  · 

Harvard GSD 

The following programs are STEM and currently are eligible for STEM Option Practical Training Work Authorization.

  • MArch I
  • MArch I AP
  • MArch II
  • MLA I
  • MLA I AP
  • MLA II
  • MAUD
  • MDE
  • MDes, Technology
  • MDes, Energy and Environments

May 23, 18 2:43 am  · 

Hi, does anybody know if the master of urban design also the STEM degree in UC Berkeley? Thanks a lot !!

Oct 23, 18 6:00 am  · 

This thread is a life saver. Thank you guys, I had been looking for schools with a STEM designation!.


Oct 25, 18 5:47 pm  · 

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Oct 31, 18 7:11 am  · 

UC Berkeley's MArch and MUD programs are both STEM eligible

Nov 3, 18 12:41 pm  · 

This may be kind of unrelated, but the Academy of Art told me they were the only online MArch program that is accredited. 

I've got a civil engineering degree from Texas and a PE license - took the architectural engineering exam, but I'm wanting to learn more about architecture specifically and get a degree so I can get AIA too. 

Nov 6, 18 9:50 am  · 

Anyone would know if the M.arch program in



are Stem eligible?


Dec 30, 18 3:10 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

Call them and ask.


Does Washington State University has architecture as a STEM major? What is the OPT period for bachelor of architecture student? 

May 11, 19 3:36 am  · 

It’s not a major, ask them.


I want to pursue B.arch in Washington State University. So I need to know the what is the OPT period I will get?

May 11, 19 7:13 am  · 

UC Berkeley is confirmed to be STEM starting this year, 2018! so the graduate students graduating this May 2018 will be eligible for STEM. Does anyone know if Harvard GSD is got STEM? TTRockStars

May 13, 19 1:52 am  · 

Are there any real estate combined with architecture STEM programs or  MBA STEM programs with a concentration in real estate ?

Jul 4, 19 12:15 pm  · 

Please check Arizona state university


Useful thread - thanks a lot!

Mar 23, 20 8:29 am  · 

thanks for much for your website it is providing good informative about things.

Mar 31, 20 7:45 am  · 

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Arizona State University, University at Buffalo and University of Arizona.

Which one these grad schools should i pick up for Master of Architecture program? And which one of these is preferred considering all aspects.. job opportunities, Do we land up in good jobs early, payscale, how good is the course and curriculum, location and overall ranking?

Apr 8, 20 12:40 am  · 

I am wondering if anyone knows M.arch program in UT Austin a STEM-eligible program? I've written to them but with no reply...

Apr 9, 20 3:18 am  · 

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