IAAC Reviews (how did you pay for it, how happy were you with your experience, network after graduation, quality of work, etc.)



I've been accepted to the IAAC MAA02 program which starts this fall. I'm very excited but also anxious for a variety of reasons. IAAC is asking that I make a decision and a sizable deposit before I hear back from the other schools to which I applied. Therefore, before I blow my chances (or send all of my savings to a school I can't even visit) I was hoping to get some thoughts from people here who may have gone to the school for the Masters in Advanced Architecture program.

1) How did you go about paying for tuition and living expenses while studying? Is there such a thing as student loans in Spain? Is it reasonable to ask a school to help you figure out financing (something that is fairly common in U.S.A.)?

2) How happy were you with your experience? Sometimes I feel like IAAC would be a great program to compliment another post graduate degree which is more individual and perhaps more focused on design. I have a non-accredited undergraduate arch degree - please feel free to tell me how wrong I am about this idea.

3) Were you able to find your dream job after graduation? Were you happy with the networking opportunities at IAAC?

Thank you so much to anyone who cares to share your experiences!

Feb 27, 18 6:43 pm

Have you checked the forum's history for IAAC-related threads?

... and so much more just on the first link alone. 

I had a classmate who went there for the same program 8 years ago and is now running her own practice ( in Lima, Peru. Basically, if you're in to more advanced architectural design, digital fabrication, prototyping, then IAAC is the school for you. IAAC also has a program that allows you to pitch or sell your project or design to actual clients/investors so it's pretty modelled for eventual start-up opportunities. It's almost as expensive as most architecture schools in the US; but if you're going back to the US after the program, you might encounter some accreditation problems (as mentioned per the past threads) so best to check with your regulatory board there before deciding. Good luck! 

Feb 28, 18 3:54 pm

Thank you James! I have checked the forum but a lot of those posts are out of date, or not answered by people who have been to the school recently. I was hoping to get some "fresh" opinions and feedback :)


Here's another option I forgot to mention: IAAC has a profile here in Archinect and has a list of all the members who went/are currently studying there.


Hi, I'm planning to apply to IAAC this year, and would love to know your review if you did join!

Same questions: How was the experience? Teaching? Was it all in groups? And most importantly, job opportunities after?

Feb 3, 19 9:35 am

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