ARB prescribed examination - part 1

Lina b

Hi All.

Has anyone appealed to the part 1 prescribed examination result because found your work wasn't properly assessed and the feedback report did not include any relevant information / comments about the work submitted?  

I would like to know if there are others in a similar situation.


Feb 18, 18 2:15 pm

Having successfully spent the last one year understanding the Part 1 examination process and constructing my portfolio in accordance with the 33 criteria listed by the ARB. I am currently in the process of formulating an interactive guidance programme to help people looking to give their Part 1 exam. The programme would consist of individual and group meetings, reviewing all of your material, segregating the evidence according to the criteria and identifying loop holes and developing ways to fill in the gaps in order to satisfy all the criteria listed in the comparative matrix. I would also be showing you my Part 1 portfolio and comparative matrix.

Anybody interested in the programme can email me at

Feb 8, 19 9:35 am

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