M Arch 2018 - Stats + Final Results + Financial Aid + Decisions.



BS Chemistry, MS Organic Chemistry (Florida State University)

- GPA: BS 3.94 MS 4.0

Letters of Rec: Professor (Personal Instructor), Professor (Employer), FSU Track & Field Coach

-Program: M.Arch I

Applied to: UTSOA, NC State, GSAPP, MIT, SCI-Arc, Pratt, Berkeley, Georgia Tech


            UTSOA $$$ + GRA

            NC State $$$


            Pratt $$

            Berkeley $

            Georgia Tech $$$$ + GRA    


 MIT (Probably a rejection, the acceptance letters have been sent       out already)



Narrowed it down to UTSOA & GT. Will attend both open house events. (Hard to pass on GT that will get me through school almost debt free)

Mar 17, 18 2:26 pm

if you don't mind me asking, when did you receive the financial information from UTSOA?


Sure, I received a call from Ulrich Dangel on the 9th of March with an email that followed on that same day.


hmm... my e-mail said they weren't sending financial aid until the end of the month and i still haven't heard anything. probably won't go there anyway, i already live in austin lol. thanks!


Yes, in my acceptance email it also stated that "Students selected to receive recruitment funding will be contacted by the end of March with financial support details." Hope you hear something soon, its a phenomenal school in my opinion but I can see how you would want to venture out a bit.


Someone in UCLA? In fact, M. Arch II SUPRASTUDIO??

Mar 17, 18 10:14 pm

I got in too, but still considering.

You've decided to go there??



BScience in Arch / WUSTL (2017)

- GPA + GRE = doesn't matter, y'all stop fretting

Letters of Rec: All studio professors since I have only been working out of school for one year.  3 Architecture, 1 Landscape

- Portfolio: kept it simple and concise, love white space. 

- SOI: biggest advice is to start early on this, I crammed and wish I had spent more time.  Definitely an opportunity to take risks.  Writing the statements also helped me realize what programs I was actually passionate about; If I started it earlier I probably would have switched out 3 or so programs...

Program: M.Arch I and/or MLA, nearly all my architectural projects are heavily influenced by landscape.  Fascinated by infrastructural systems, vacancy and bioremediation, adaptive reuse. 

Applied to: GSD, YSOA, UTSOA, UVA, MIT, PennDesign


            UTSOA (3 year MArch I)

            YSOA (3 year MArch I)

            GSD (2 year MLA I AP, 3.5 year MArch I)

            UVA (MArch + MLA dual, would take 3.5 years)

            MIT (3.5 year MArch)

            PennDesign (3 year MLA)  

-Thoughts: Honestly I would be lucky to attend any of these schools.  I'm mostly deciding between UVA and MIT; they are the only options I can afford to attend w/o going into debt but also are the two I see as being the best fits for my interests (fate steering me in the right direction?).  Would be two completely different experiences I am both excited about, so Open House impressions are going to be huge.   

Still considering and will visit UTSOA and Yale, although I won't be able to make their open houses due to conflicts

**Anyone know what recent MIT alumni are up to?  They seem notoriously difficult to find...

Mar 18, 18 4:43 pm

curious to see how you decide between MIT, YSoA, and UVA. I am in a similar situation.


If you eliminate UVA please inform them as soon as possible, I was waitlisted their and am anxiously refreshing my email every five minutes! :( But congratulations on all your acceptances!


@adampitt95 = fingers crossed for you! Hopefully I'll be seeing you at the open house in April!

@Mnzm = I'm curious too, and congrats! You really can't go wrong with these three.  At this point I think you just need to realize what option is affordable for whatever situation you are in, in a place you want to live, and has faculty and students that you're excited to learn from. 


Right now I am mostly deciding between MIT and Yale. Their scholarship offer is much more substantial than the one from the GSD. I wish I can attend the Open House from both of them to learn about their programs and my potential classmates, but they are on the same day!!! Congratulations to you too! Perhaps I will see you in one of these Open House.


mit faculty: wojr, ensemble studio, howler yoon, off the top of my head. should give you a taste for what students are up to post-grad


- 24/M/India

 - B Arch/ Manipal University/ 2017

- 3.83/4 - GRE - 301 - IELTS - 7 

Letter of recommendations - from professors

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio 


in : AA-SED , UOIUC , IIT Chicago

out: CMU, Berkeley

pending: UCL , MIT, SCIArc 

Results - Still Thinking / Any suggestions ?

Mar 19, 18 7:24 am

AA is clearly the best in my opinion, but being a fellow Indian arch student, I think it's a massive hassle trying to land a job there after the course. It's very unlikely, so I would suggest IIT Chicago, plenty of exposure and a good work environment.


Hey! Could you please share how you converted your Undergrad Grade to a 4 point grade?


UOIUC is the best option



 - Bachelors in Music Education/William Jewell College/2010 

3.7 - 315

Letter of recommendations - from community college arch/art professors




waiting to hear from Cal Poly & SCI-Arc

Mar 19, 18 5:40 pm

in: SCI-Arc


Has Cornell released it's replies? Still waiting on them. Any idea if they're sending out E-mails or making changes in the online portal?

Mar 20, 18 1:53 am

Cornell has sent acceptances (according to GradCafe) but not denies, and I'm assuming not wait-lists? I don't know why they've taken so long.


I mean, I've barely seen any Cornell MArch1 replies yet on gradcafe, in mass. It's been sporadic and not very clear if and when they sent out all the accepts and for what programs. Still waiting on them and MIT as well.


Yeah, compared to past years, there aren't nearly as many replies. Hopefully we'll find out (good things) soon!


Also remember Cornell pushed pack their deadline for apps from the 3rd to what, the 11th or 12th or something? Might be a reason why they pushed back responses.


I called the office yesterday and said I really wanted to know the decision. She said she would notify the director but it should be released within this week. Not sure if this helps. Honestly I think I'm rejected (or waitlisted) because otherwise I should have given more time to decide. But we all like to hope for the best : )


Well, we can only hope. Thank you all for your replies. So, this week then!



 - NYU/B.A in Individualised Studies (urban planning)/2011

GPA 3.58

- GRE 170V 160Q

Letter of recommendations 2 profs, 1 supervisor 

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio 

- In at GSAPP, Berkeley, UPenn, USC (+55k scholarships, but their fees are insane to begin with), UTSOA. Didn’t apply anywhere else 

Trying to decide between GSAPP and Berkeley, anyone have any thoughts? (Tbh it boils down to GSAPP has a better programme but I really really hate the cold)

Can’t make it for the open houses because it’s half way across the world, but would love to hear people’s impressions!

Mar 20, 18 2:43 am



any particular reasons why?


I'll also say Berkeley. WHY? Well, I see that you went to NYU so I believe that you have a good understanding of what awaits you at NYC. I believe your hate of the NYC cold is a legitimate problem for you so I'm suggesting you go to a school in an area you will be happy living in now and into the future. There isn't a huge gap between GSAPP and Berkeley in terms of the level of academics (although there is a difference in pedagogy).


So I keep hearing about the different pedagogy of different schools, and while I get that they have different slants, I’m really curious about how this translates to day to day interactions between professors and students. Doesn’t it depend more on each professor rather than a unified school pedagogy as a whole?


Berkeley. You should visit the schools before you decide. The desks at Columbia are tiny, each person has a 3' x 2' desk space. In architecture school, this sounds unthinkable, I mean, how do you even make anything on these desks? Granted they have a new lab space that apparently has more room (I haven't seen it) but most other schools I've visited provide generous desk space. All this isn't to say that desk space outweighs pedagogy but I think it reflects poorly on the school because they seem to overenroll and underprovide. Berkeley has pretty good, well-known faculty (Andrew Atwood, Neyran Turan), and they've been having some good visiting faculty lately (Frida Escobedo was there last Fall).


wow almost perfect GRE, can I ask how long/ how you studied for it?


Received the REJECTION email from MIT.

Mar 21, 18 11:49 am

Same here. We are all in this together! All good !


You guys left me hanging there for a bit : )


wait-listed on smarchs urbanism, any chance?

zum "THOR"

Does anyone know how much scholarship(maximum) does GSD provide for M.Arch II?

Mar 25, 18 5:59 am

No idea, just commenting to tell your user name is excellent.


22k for merit and an additional 22k for need, so 44k total...although those numbers may have increased in the past two admissions cycles

zum "THOR" it the same for international students ?


international students receive nothing, afaik

zum "THOR"

Hi guys,

This is kind of important. I have been accepted to GSD and have been applying for some external scholarships.

What happens if I accept the offer now and pay 750$ but at a later stage I don't get the external scholarship and say No to GSD's admission offer, would it affect my chances of getting into GSD next year? 


Mar 26, 18 12:34 pm

Communication is key. Email the admissions office right now and explain the situation. 

You will likely burn a bridge if you tell them nothing before committing if you need to renege.

Non Sequitur

Pick up the phone and call the admin office.


I have not receive any aid at the GSD. I am from India.

Non Sequitur

Cool story, bring a wheel-barrow full of cash on your first day. Enjoy international tuition fees.


- 23/F/USA

 - Undergraduate Landscape Architecture/UCDavis/2018

- GPA 3.5 

V160 Q159  

Letter of recommendations - professors


Ins: 3 year M. Arch: Umichigan(22k), Uoregon, Uwashington,USC(55k), WashU(31k). Woodbury

Outs: GSD, UPenn. Cornell, UCBerkeley 


definitely between the 3 that have given me money. All three have their benefits and disadvantages. 

Would love to hear other people's impressions!

Mar 27, 18 7:50 pm

USC. Super generous aid offer, solid program, you won't have trouble finding work or getting an M.Arch II if you want.


Let me know if you end up going to USC this fall. That's where I'm probably going.


- 23 / F / USA

 - Undergraduate BS Architecture / 2016

GPA - 3.7  GRE  - not great lol but no regrets 

Letter of recommendations - 2 professors, 1 (famous-ish?) professional

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio - I did an undergraduate thesis so I spent a good amount of time finessing that. I don't have much to say on this other than that I might like white space too much. 

I'm looking for programs that support climate/social research and integrate larger cultural issues into studio prompts. In working the past couple years I've become more interested in landscape and how climate/material/other research can influence the design process. At the same time I don't want to look past topics of tactility and representation because I care about those too! You could say that I'm kind of stuck between conflicting interests.

Schools -  ( All for MArch I )

IN -   MIT, UVA($$$), GSAPP

OUT -   Yale, GSD, Princeton :(

Open house impressions - VERY excited about Open Houses at MIT and GSAPP because I'm pretty evenly split between all three schools right now. I would also like to go to UVA but it's the same day as GSAPP.

- Questions - I'm going to re-ask a question I saw earlier in this thread : - Who are some MIT MArch alumni that I could look to? It makes me anxious to go there without some semblance of an alumni network. 

-Of course I'm also going to ask about how to survive GSAPP without any aid up front? Are any GSAPP alums willing to stump for if it's worth the debt?

I wasn't going to post here but I'm having a really hard time deciding :/

Also obviously CONGRATS to everyone who got in!!!!!! 

Mar 31, 18 5:04 pm

GSAAP is not worth the debt. No program is worth full tuition. Take UVA's offer, imho. $$$$+outstanding landscape program,


Without a doubt go to MIT. They have an extremely strong alumni network both in general and specifically within SAP.


22 / F / US

Applying for M.Arch 1 and Historic Preservation degree/certificate (depending on the school)

BA Art History, minor in Arch Studies / Lafayette College / 2018 

3.3 / 157V / 159Q

Letter of recommendations: 1 from Thesis advisor/professor, 1 from study abroad studio professor, 1 from internship boss

 Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio: Statement was on the longer side. Portfolio was about 15 pages of drawings and studio projects.



UT Austin ($$$)

University of Washington

University of Massachusetts Amherst ($$)

University of Maryland

GSAPP for HP degree




Open house impressions: I thought UMD was pretty mediocre. I liked that the programs were very integrated within the school but the campus and facilities were not as impressive as I had hoped. UMASS was more impressive than I had initially thought, the new building was beautiful and the program is definitely on the rise. However, it is still not as well known or renown as other programs.  UTSOA was very impressive, the program is very integrated within the other departments and also with the other graduate students of different years. The teaching assistantships seem plentiful. Some of the facilities seemed a little dated but they have plans to update several of them including all of their digital fabrication labs. I wasn't able to visit University of Washington, unfortunately. Since I had other options I was more interested in with better funding I declined their offer early on. 

Results: I will be attending UTSOA on the fall! They gave me an instate tuition waiver and a scholarship for the first year.

Apr 10, 18 11:27 am

- Age 26/Sex M/Citizenship International 

- Undergraduate degree BSLA / Year graduated 2014

GPA 3.8 - GRE V 160 Q 157 W 4 - TOEFL  118

Letter of recommendations - 2 form Current boss, 1 from professor (program chair), 1 from a friend that I work with on competitions

Schools GSD MLAUD, Yale MArch I, MIT MArch I

Results GSD - no aid, Yale - $$, MIT - $$$$

Going to MIT !

Apr 17, 18 10:14 pm

- 23/M/Chinese

 - B Arch/ UIUC / 2018

3.63/4 - GRE - 315  

Letter of recommendations - 3 from professors, 1 from supervisor 

 - Personal Essay/Statement - Portfolio 


IN : Yale; Columbia; UPenn; Washington University in St. Louis; UIUC; Parsons

OUT : Harvard; Cornell; Princeton; UC Berkeley; UCLA

Final Decision: Should be Yale YSOA

Apr 18, 18 11:37 am

is that M.arch I or II?


Nice blog

Aug 6, 19 2:58 am

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