Pursuing a master in sociology after a bachelors in architecture



I recently graduated from architecture department with a bachelors (In Istanbul). I am willing to do a master in sociology because I am very keen in the study of urbanism sociology. I would be very glad to hear from the ones amongs you who have chosen this path. Thank you in advance.

PS: I am sorry for my poor english, it is not my first language.

Feb 5, 18 12:04 pm

i would just study urban planning/urban design and learn sociology on your own. Regardless of how rich you are, i think a degree in sociology is not as useful as a urban planning degree. Focus on urban planning/urban policy and then use sociology as an additive and not the other way around. 

Feb 5, 18 12:24 pm

Study whatever you feel like studying, I'd focus on that.

Feb 5, 18 12:55 pm

Airdak, enjoy your master's studies.  A background in architecture will give you a helpful understanding of space and the built environment that shapes society tremendously-- an understanding missing from sociology in general.  It will set you apart, in a good way.

I agree with others that this may prepare you well for an urban planning career, but study what you like next.

Also, I think your English is pretty good!

Feb 5, 18 1:38 pm

I earned a masters in sociology before getting my architectural masters. Now I teach both. An undergrad degree in architecture will not prepare you for advanced study in sociology, particularly if urban sociology is your focus. You will need a year of calculus based statistics and lab work with SPSS or a similar package before you will be ready. 

Feb 7, 18 4:59 pm

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