How to read construction documents?



Feb 4, 18 3:44 pm
wurdan freo

wtf... is 5cm bedonska podlicka

Feb 4, 18 5:33 pm

from bottom right corner to top left

Feb 4, 18 5:39 pm

With help from a few colleagues

Feb 4, 18 7:36 pm

Lol, yes. I've worked with Jack before. I find him to be a big productivity killer.


you got it right the first time. dim room, face too close to screen, pensive.

Feb 4, 18 7:54 pm

Everyone knows that right is the new up.

Feb 4, 18 8:55 pm

Doesn’t this make converting the dimensions to actual feet easier?

Feb 4, 18 9:12 pm
Non Sequitur

Metric for the win.



Feb 5, 18 1:29 am

He should at least rotate his imac  90 degrees ° or however you call it in Non-metrica.

Feb 5, 18 2:21 am

People actually read CDs?!

Feb 5, 18 9:29 am
On the fence

You don't read plans on a screen, you create them there.  You have to print them to be able to read them properly.

Feb 5, 18 9:49 am

Sure you can. Export to PDF. View in a PDF viewer program. Use the scroll bars. Yes, it is better to print them out, in my personal opinion, because you don't have to be tethered to a computing device but you can read them.


Its written in Bosnian OR Serbian (I think)

Feb 5, 18 9:54 am

I assume it's Croatian or possibly Latin-script Bosnian. Serbian uses the Cyrillic script.


It's Serbian, as "cev" is pipe in Serbian, and cijev in Croatian.


You are correct, Serbian with Latin script


Also, Betonska Podlicka means "concrete underlayment". 

Feb 5, 18 10:02 am

Interesting to get an engineering-related spec on a seemingly architectural drawing (the 30 MPa / megapascals hardcore compaction)

Feb 5, 18 10:17 am

I always arm myself with a red pen, but that's just me.

Feb 5, 18 10:17 am
Non Sequitur

hard to erase red ink from your monitor.


Back in the days I had a principal point on my monitor with a red pen...I had marks all over that thing!


Don't care, not mine.


Also interesting how the same layout shows up with a different person or a different image on the same PC screen, either as architects or programmers. Those people seem to be actors and the images seem to be stock photos. 

Feb 6, 18 7:13 am

Yeah, it's a stock photo. The question is why does this house has a pit in the middle of each room?

Feb 7, 18 1:16 am

Why? Because pits are awesome:

...and polaroids too!

Feb 7, 18 1:57 am

Pretty cool. Is that allowed in today’s codes?

Feb 7, 18 2:55 am

The question is why does this house has a pit in the middle of each room?

Perhaps it's not a house but a workshop or an industrial building of some sort - there is a structural grid, what looks like purlins, etc. Maybe that's a service / garage pit or that opening indicates a pit related to a loading dock. Also there are 4 risers there? Some pits have narrow steps with unusually high risers.

Do you know where this section came from and what building does it relate to?

Feb 7, 18 1:01 pm

"Do you know where this section came from and what building does it relate to?"

You said so yourself, it's a stock probably uses a stock drawing of a stock design by a stock architect...from a stock country who loves stock pits.


It could be a building from the id

Le Courvoisier
Better question: what did Podrick do to those prostitutes?
Feb 8, 18 12:29 am


Feb 11, 18 12:49 am

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