Is IIT - Chicago good for undergrad (international) ?


I'm in my final year of high school and currently applied to only 2 universities in the U.S. I applied to UT Austin and IIT-Chicago. I've read a lot of good things about both the colleges but not much about the job opportunities later for international students from IIT -Chicago. I would like to know more about the internships they offer and if the job opportunities they offer are compatible with international students, considering the H1 visa and all. Thank you. 

Jan 20, 18 11:43 am

There's a huge list of people at the bottom of this page, maybe they could help you out? Surely one of 33 current and 230 former students/alumni or even the staff would know something about job opportunities:

Jan 22, 18 6:14 am

Are you asian? From China? Careful of kidnappings.

Jan 22, 18 7:48 am

Oh yea, whatever happened to that girl?


Couldn't be found.




Holy shit, that's horrible!


IIT is a shit school for the price. Unless you got a great scholarship i would not go here. Its in the south side of chicago so its not like you are downtown. The facility is out of date and they need to upgrade their fab lab to compete with other schools. UT Austin would be an awesome pick.

Jan 26, 18 4:45 pm

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