University or Casual job???


Hi, I have been accepted into Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne, which I am really happy. However, I am currently working an unpaid internship (2 days) for 2 months now and they offer me a paid casual job for the next project, which begins in January.

There are no problems working for this company, they have been very supportive since day 1. I chose UOM for my Master because I had completed my Bachelor at Deakin and want to experience somewhere else. Unfortunately i cannot defer the master at University of Melbourne,

My options are: 1 – Accept the job and reject the offer at UOM and re-apply again in July 2018 or February 2019. During the day I'm not working, I will have plenty of time to learn and improve my skills.

2 – Accept the job and continue study at Deakin (part-time).

3- Reject the job offer and accept the offer at UOM.

Thank you

Dec 18, 17 6:40 pm

1. to gain experience, its been hard to find paid internship and i think it was better then doing nothing during my summer holidays.

2. A casual employee:

  • has no guaranteed hours of work
  • usually works irregular hours (but can work regular hours)
  • doesn't get paid sick or annual leave
  • can end employment without notice, unless notice is required by a registered agreement, award or employment contract.

Dec 18, 17 6:54 pm
Non Sequitur
Never take an unpaid internship. It’s a black Mark and shows you don’t value your time.
Dec 18, 17 8:37 pm
It seems you can work for free or as a temp anytime, but you must have put a lot of thought and effort into the school application which you can't defer. I don't know the Australian licensing requirements nor school costs - but the latter can't possibly be as bad as the states. If the degree is something you know you're going to do at some point just do it. You could probably do this temp thing here and there during holidays. It's not even a real job. You have the rest of your life to work low paid jobs. Consider if the financial cost of the schooling will pay off in helping you to land a steady job later, through networking, additional internship time during holidays and added skills.
Dec 18, 17 11:17 pm

Go to takes a couple years to do the masters and this "casual job" could only last a couple months. You could be out of work before the first semester is even over. Go to UOM, experience a different city and get your masters that you worked hard to get into. Then go find a proper full-time position after, You can always work in the summer and maybe even a few hours during.

You have your entire life to work, while working is extremely important do not sacrifice your education and goals for some sub-par position.

Dec 19, 17 11:03 am

Hi there! Thank you very much for this interesting topic! I am interested in it as well and that is why I will be pleased to read the answers of other guys. Thanks!

Dec 21, 17 1:17 pm

never work for free.   I would think an applicant was a chump if they had an unpaid internship on their resume.   I would omit that detail when writing your resume.  Just call it an internship and don't tell unless specifically asked.  

Dec 21, 17 1:29 pm

As for the original question. School is more valuable than a casual job.


Go study, duhhh. They're just screwing with you, first they don't pay you, now they know you want to move up and onwards with your life they offer you this casual "paid" job. You know very well they'll fire your ass the moment another sucker will take your previously unpaid position, which very well might be the day after they close the admissions at UOM.

Dec 21, 17 5:07 pm

I would put my mind straight and ask myself the real questions. What do I want from life? What is my passion? Can I earn enough money with my passion? What is my money concept? Is a 9-5 job the only way to live? Do I believe there is only the academic way to fulfil my dreams? What are my dreams? 

I'm a Life Coach and I can guide trough the process and break down your questions! 

Merry Christmas

Dec 22, 17 2:47 am

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

In Australia, I need to complete the master then i can apply for the license.
As for finding work. It's very hard to find a job in this field, they always want experience and I don't have that. Unfortunately in Australia I need experience to get a real job..

Dec 25, 17 11:17 pm

You have already 2 months experience, don't sell yourself short (or for free for that matter)


Don't neglect your studies. Your degree is your only guarantee right now, a casual job is just rolling the dice on the future. 

Dec 25, 17 11:23 pm

Hey TiggyQQ,

I was wondering what did go with? School or work? Are you happy with your choice or no? 

I am currently in the same situation and Masters at U of T and UBC vs paid full time position. Cant decide...

Feb 20, 19 10:25 am
Non Sequitur

^what do you want to do? You need an M.arch to get a license and hours worked prior to completing your degree do not count in Canada. Plenty of reasons to work but the longer you do, the harder it is to get back into school mode and complete that M.arch.


^ I agree completely. Sadly, I have not yet received any offer from U of T or UBC yet, the decisions will be made in mid march. However, i received 3 job offers from quite reputable firms and need to accept within next 2 days. If i get accepted to masters program, the choice clear. But since that is not the case, the following the my choices:


Take the job and defer my admission if accepted (but i really want to go back to school and may even consider quitting my job in few months). Or not take the job and re apply if i do not get accepted...if accepted... yayyyyyyy

Non Sequitur

Take the job and differ school for a year. That'll give you plenty of time to negotiate with the firm for part-time employment during school if location allows it.  Dito for part-time without differing if the firm has the workload.  It's worth a try.


Or take the job and put in your 2-weeks notice right before school starts and tell NO ONE at your new job that you've been accepted to uni


Joseffischer, that is one option, haha, and the one I like the most as getting my M.Arch ASAP is my top priority. However, leaving only after few months kind of scares me as someone has told me architectural world is quite small. Which I believe to be true as one of the job offer was given to me because the principle of the firm is best friend with my previous employer, which I found out during the interview and we have run into each other on a job site once. Just FYI, I currently live in Toronto... so, not a small city. I do like the idea of deferring school for a year and than proceeding with part-time position, which is an option only if I get accepted to U of T as UBC does not accept defer requests for advance placement students(me).

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