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Hey guys,

So I'm stuck using Rhino for mac while out of town this week. While its not...terrible, there are certain things that are really annoying. For instance, there is only one linetype added in the defaults. I'm trying to add or create linetypes so I can work how I like to work on drawings, however I can't figure it out. On a PC, you can just copy .lin files into the program files or import them, but on Mac...idk. There are limited options in the preferences menu.

Also--the camera keeps clipping my geometry and its super annoying when I'm trying to look at details. (this is also a windows issue) If anyone know how to fix this it would be helpful because this has always happened to me when models get pretty heavy.

Also--I have some pretty minimal double curvatures in my file that I built with the networksrf command. Before I modeled these, everything was fine. But now when I run a clipping plane to look at the model in section, the lines look extremely glitchy. I've tried to select and delete bad object but there aren't any. I've been fairly clean with my modeling.

Lastly, has anybody had experience with a good rendering software for rhino mac? There's maxwell, but I'm not paying for that. Anything free with decent output?

Any thoughts, suggestions, tips and tricks for mac? I think this thread might be helpful for a lot of other people too, so feel free to add.

Dec 10, 17 7:02 pm

Rhino for Mac is horrible, installed Parallels just to avoid it. I feel your pain but don't have any useful tips or tricks besides not using it.

Dec 11, 17 2:20 am

One tiny tip maybe, if you can't use rhino linetypes, if you work neatly in layers you can make your drawings look good when exporting to Illustrator and adjust lineweights etc. easily per layer.


I'd rather export your drawings (assuming layers are neatly in place) to AutoCAD/Illustrator for lineweight adjustments. Rhino simply isn't built for this.

Dec 11, 17 4:50 am

I looked around and found a file linetype.txt in /Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/

Don't know if it works to add linetypes here, but could be worth a try.

I use Blender to render from Rhino. Steep learning curve but free.

Dec 11, 17 4:06 pm
Rhino for Mac sucks. However some of the problems you describe happen in Rhino for PC too.

The lineweights - they should ideally be resolved in CAD or Illustrator. Rhino isn't meant for this.

The problems with the clipping plane etc arise usually when the model is too far from the origin. Just try to move it to the origin and try again!
Dec 12, 17 10:49 am

Control of line weights and types is important.  It should be part of the process of building a model or drawing, not the sprinkles on what's already thought out.  The nature of drawing doesn't need to be divorced from the process of modeling.  The extra step is primitive and it makes the drawing no part of the design process.

This is a recurrent issue across the history of the digitalization of drawing and modeling.  Something comes along and resolves it until an alternative process marginalizes it again--for a time.

Jul 20, 18 11:40 am

Go to File -> Settings and there you can find a tab called linetypes. If it is empty, you can either add your own linetype, or load the default ones by clicking the small "gear" button under the list.

Feb 11, 19 11:50 am

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