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Here is a photo of a house I posted on another thread. It seems like it would be an asset to a neighborhood of traditional homes as well as a neighborhood of modern homes. It is by Stuart Silk Architects in Seattle. The interior is decidedly modern (interior of a very similar house by the same firm is shown below)

Nov 29, 17 8:51 am

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Non Sequitur

I like the exterior forms... but not the interior styling.  Granted I realise it's not from the same house... I like my walls covered like every room is a french salon.

Was there a question in here?

I can add one... how does one deal with rain? I don't see any eaves or gutter profile on the pitches.  Last I checked, Seatle gets the occasional rainfall, sometimes, even snow.

Nov 29, 17 9:49 am

Yup. That completely open patio doesn't look like a lot of fun in the rain, either. But then, let's be honest; these kinds of houses are designed to look pretty in magazines, not necessarily to work in day to day living. Pretty, though.


I see light grey gutters all along the edges of the roof. Where the downspouts are I don't know. I imagine they probably have an umbrella or two stashed somewhere for the patio.


In the FWIW category the house is on a very small narrow lot with the Lake Washington shoreline just off the patio. The house is on the west bank of the lake and the patio end faces east. And the downspouts are within the walls.  

Nov 29, 17 8:26 pm

Like Non and some others, I don't get the use of "Transitional" in the thread title?

Dec 5, 17 12:59 am
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It's Transitional as it's Traditional "transitioning" to Contemporary, yes? This is how lighting/hardware/faucet/etc companies label their products.

I think the exterior of this house is really lovely. The gable forms with almost-industrial-sash windows is really well done, and the glass bay form surrounding the chimney is really elegant but also sneakily perverse.

Dec 5, 17 6:35 am

The gutter situation is a little confusing but it looks like there might be an internal gutter. If that's indeed what exists it's *very* well done, very minimal - or maybe there's been some photoshopping....

Also on the firm website you can see the interiors of the actual house and they are gorgeous.

Dec 5, 17 6:37 am

One Seattle area magazine I was able to find on the house said that the gutter down spouts were located inside the walls. Think I might have gone with external copper downspouts for ease of maintenance.

Dec 5, 17 7:15 am
go do it

Very nice transition from Beaver the Cleaver homes to modern.

The clean lines and lack of overhangs really set the stage for the interior and the siding is very well done. The star of the exterior is the industrial flavor of the window and door sashes they seem to be the anchor. I love the front door although I wish they had not "hammered" the the door pull but instead had it the same as the mail slot? that is in one picture. 

Dec 7, 17 11:06 am

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