M. Arch in Canada for Indian students



I have done my bachelor's in architecture from an Indian university and intend to do M. Arch from a Canadian university and further work there. I am applying at Waterloo, Ryerson, Carleton and Calgary.

What carries more weight in getting accepted? Grades in Bachelor's or overall Portfolio?

Also does McGill accept international students?

Is it difficult to get into UofT than into Waterloo for an international student?

Nov 23, 17 11:39 pm
Non Sequitur

Waterloo is the best and utmost difficult program in Canada. They will not accept international students unless you complete at least a 3 semester trial run in their undergrad program.

UofT is the easiest and likely better program for internationals.

Nov 23, 17 11:49 pm  · 

Carleton offers a 100% fee waiver under the Kochar scholarship for Indian Students . You can try there 

Nov 26, 17 11:45 pm  · 

I agree that Waterloo has the best undergrad in architecture in Canada. But for Masters, I thought it was Toronto or McGill that has the best program.

Feb 21, 18 8:11 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

No. Waterloo, then McGill, then it matters not.

Feb 21, 18 9:51 pm  · 

Hi! Hope you are doing well.

I just graduated in December 2020 and am looking to apply for M.arch program same as you. If its no trouble, could you please share the some crucial pointers and solutions to the doubts that you had posted here?

Jun 18, 21 2:17 pm  · 

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