Architecture in the age of artificial intelligence


I'm not an Architect, nor a student. I hope Ill be soon thought.  Did your school, or any Architecture school, in particular, change the scholar program duo to the development of artificial Intelligent? I mean, will Architects will be Irrelevant in a couple of years from now? Because an Artificial Intelligent can easily design anything with algorithms base on the client's needs and taste….                                                              Did you ever think about all of it? Do teachers are speaking about it?Heres an article about it:

Thank you guys.

Nov 14, 17 3:35 pm

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Whenever AI reaches a point of autonomous creativity it will be no different than competing with other architects and designers presently. The only difference will be the speed/efficiency of the AI "units". There is no formula to arrive at the end-product of the creative process. Design algorithms are already present.

In the short-term, I think AI can help strengthen the position of architects within the construction industry. Being able to delegate calculation-based tasks to an AI unit would decrease the reliance of architects on other professionals. I think it could contribute to a return to the "renaissance man" origin of the profession.

Nov 14, 17 3:58 pm

so who will the artificial contractors and subs call to ask questions and fuss at? siri, watson, google.....

Nov 14, 17 5:44 pm

Architects are already irrelevent.

Nov 14, 17 6:47 pm

Everyone will be replaced eventually...  Even hookers.  

Nov 14, 17 7:27 pm
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One of the most process intensive activities for a computer and one of the easiest for humans is 3D spatial awareness, particularly in 'unmapped' environments. 'AI' can already be used to flesh out simple box buildings and highly repetitive sub components, but anything more than that and especially anything that's a renovation would be incredibly difficult and time intensive for a robot to process. Architects are likely to be some of the last replaced by robots because of this. And by that point skynet or amagoobook or that weird robot in Dubai or whatever will have killed us all off so I wouldn't worry too much about it. And if you're still worried, a building requires an architects seal, which a robot does not have and never will. Client needs someone to sue after all.

If you're still concerned, start teaching yourself programming in dynamo, grasshopper etc. when you realize how complicated and in many cases a waste of time it is to program relatively simply operations you'll see why we will have jobs for a while. And of course there will still need to be some 'BIM' architects out there to update the algorithms for the endless same shaped boxes for when ADA inevitably decides to switch up their handrail heights and other nefarious what nots.
Nov 14, 17 11:34 pm

Daniel Brown's "Travelling By Numbers: Generative Architecture" is interesting. Though it's not AI, it is architecture generated by algorithms and some of the images are very interesting (to me).

Nov 15, 17 8:49 am

I can see the similarities. Some of them remind me of Caspar David Friedrich's "The Sea of Ice"


Someone should award an annual prize for a house and associated landscaping designed entirely without computers.

Nov 15, 17 11:21 am

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