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I just finished my Master program in Architecture from Woodbury University, CA. and looking forward to go for a PhD program. Which university in USA offers PhD program in Computational Design? I have seen MIT, CMU, Georgia Tech offers the courses but these are very few options to go for. On the other hand MIT is tough to get accepted. At this point funding and scholarship is also important for me.  Any advice?

Europe is well equipped in this academic field but what about USA?


Oct 23, 17 12:23 pm

USC has one - I have no idea about funding though.

Oct 23, 17 1:23 pm

I have seen that before and didn't see any PhD program in it but thinking to consider master program as well. Actually I have already a master degree so thats why its not gonna be my first preference, anyway thanks for the link, will revisit it. :)


Sorry to be a bit blunt here but your research skills are deplorable from what I can tell, don't know if you'll ever be accepted for a PhD if you don't even know how to utilise search engines.

Oct 23, 17 1:26 pm

LOL, search engines are meant to be for yourself to roam around and they have a lack of benefit of having conversations with people related to that field and extracting valuable advice for your certain interests. In my understanding, by not preferring search engines and choosing people to have a discussion is not gonna decide my eligibility for PhD. Wake up! You see thats the problem of our time, we are so much depended on search engines and feel smarter that I know everything rather than having conversation with other people who might be resourceful, specific and even smarter than you. I would say your method is not efficient and archaic bro! Nowadays you have platform like Archinect, try to be a bit social, reach out to the people and have fruitful conversation. Architecture requires social skills not hiding behind the search engines. And what do you think about Archinect? Isn't it internet? hahahaha......FYI, already went through a lot of researches on search engines not a big deal!


Damn, I forgot to put a winking face emoji at the end. My bad.

Agreed, it's not always the internet that will have the answer. Instead stop being passive/elusive and actually contract the program. I'm sure someone there can tell you all you want to know about funding. 

And you can always read faculty research agendas and publications online to find out what they are about.

Oct 23, 17 5:25 pm

Much appreciated for the comment. Thats all I wanted to mean.


Yes faculty agendas are useful resources. I have seen CMU is offering PhD in computational design but their website is currently under construction. So couldn't get any useful information. But anyway thanks for the advice, will work on it!


A few years back, I was pretty set on applying to PhD programs.  All of the schools I contacted set up faculty interviews, the chance to sit in on a seminar, and a lunch/coffee with current students.  Through meeting current students, you can generally get a good idea of the type of student they like to accept and if you'd fit into the general vibe/learning style for that school.  (I contacted current students via email/phone through connections I had made at conferences or if I didn't know anyone directly, just emailed the admissions department.  Most profs prefer your do not email them directly because they have assistants that keep their calendar.)  Don't be afraid to ask about funding available, especially if it's a make or break for you.  I wouldn't ask for a specific dollar amount because the numbers change every year, but do you have to apply every semester vs. if it's guaranteed.  The whole process was amazingly helpful - so helpful that I decided not to apply and that I liked my current job more than the prospect of academia.  

Oct 23, 17 6:55 pm

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