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Hello there,

For several months I am trying to learn RH Python and GH Python (as they are almost same) and the progress is very low. I was wondering that is there any institution who offers RH Python as single course or python programming language? Actually I realized I need in person learning experience so that I can clear out my confusions. Even I am ready to invest money to for that if there is a hope for progress. Please let me know is there anyone who knows anything or have any piece of advice regarding this issue.

I am from California, Riverside. So would be great to know if there is any institution closer to that. I would prefer online course but it has to be very clear more of like learning as a Dummy!.

Thanks in advance.

Oct 22, 17 9:13 pm

Coursera maybe?

Oct 23, 17 12:15 am

I saw Coursera materials but it is about learning Python, but for using python in Rhino I think its quite different. May be its just because of using 3d modeling software. Learning to make objects in 3d platform may be requires special instruction. I am not sure and I am leaving it to other to shed some lights on that.


I think what you meant by different is the way in which the Libraries are utilized. You'll have to refer to manuals by various developers.


If that is the difference then I must try raw python coding! Pulling the library is pretty straight forward as far as I have encountered. Thanks for clearing that up!

Python is python. There is no special version between rhino or grasshopper, only versions/major releases of python itself. I believe rhino will run on either release 2 or 3 of python. Grasshopper is simply a means to control rhino via the backend. But to your point, yes making 3d objects in python is a rather niche skill which I've not seen offered specifically on the usual mooc platforms. That said wrapping your head around the basics with these courses is a very good way to start as there are numerous commands in 3d which require a thorough understanding of the language. Start with 2D math commands and work your way into 3D.
Oct 23, 17 1:34 pm

I totally agree with you. I felt in the same way. Well I am making my own methods here based on the available tutorials to get the projects(self) done, but still have lot of confusions here. From 2d to 3d is good way to grab the idea of RH python and currently working on it. Thanks for the comment! :)

Not sure which of the online tutorials you're referring to but:

This is the best one I know about that's free:

I saw this paid one the other day, haven't taken it but it looks pretty good:

Oct 25, 17 3:27 pm

The Kadenze is actually free (You can just audit the course instead of paying for the "degree") I am in the process of taking it and it starts off slow. I feel like an intro course on python might be helpful since it would probably do a better job explaining tuples, lists, etc. He sometimes goes down a rabbit hole of explaining basic concepts when they come up. Also, It's easy just to follow along with something like these courses but taking the exercise and remaking it helps me actually learn it.


I highly suggest taking a Python course. The documentation for Rhino Python is pretty bad in my experience; you need to know programming basics first.

Nov 6, 17 6:23 pm

This is what you want:

also good:

also: seems to have a bunch of Python courses, find a newer one with a lot of good ratings that looks good to you, udemy is constantly having sales (any holiday) where a lot of its courses are $9.99 so buy one then.

also: for when you need help with anything.

You might be able to find a local course at a CC or similar but often these can be pretty bad or sometimes good.

PM me if you have any questions or need any help!

Sep 9, 18 4:07 pm

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