Grad school: USC or Parsons?

Cat L

USC is more established, but I am preferential to Parsons. Could you please provide me with opinions on and experiences with either or both? Thanks

Oct 18, 17 9:47 pm
Non Sequitur

take the cheapest.

Oct 18, 17 10:12 pm

Parsons has had had an architecture program for almost 30 years now.  "Established" is all relative I suppose - but it's not like it just landed.

Oct 18, 17 11:25 pm

"I am preferential"

start with basic grammar

Oct 20, 17 11:04 am

It may benefit you to contact students directly at these schools and ask them about their experiences.  I've done this, and no one thinks it's weird to spend 10 minutes on the phone talking to a prospective student.

Oct 20, 17 11:23 am

Do you like snow?

Oct 20, 17 2:23 pm
Dr. Architecture

As with any major decision, determine the criteria by which you will make it -- is it reputation, location, opportunities, faculty, facilities, etc.  Compare each institution against your criteria to determine which is the best fit.

Avoid the mistake of comparing two institutions against each other.


Oct 20, 17 6:22 pm

Do you like the smell of tires?

Oct 20, 17 6:24 pm

I would factor in first what your post graduation debt will be if any and second whether you will want to work  in NYC/ Northeast vs SoCal.  Otherwise I wouldn't get too excited about the academic difference btw the two.

Oct 22, 17 11:42 am

debt as in money, or debt as in to society?

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