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I need a design idea for this brief but I am super struggling:

Develop an architectural proposition that has care for water at its
core and brings this care to wider public attention. 

My original design was a small pop up art exhibition of frozen water containing pollution in an artistic way to increase awareness of water pollution. My crit didn't go very well though, and I received a very bad grade. I have been told that my idea lacked complexity. I am now stuck having to decide on a new design idea. 

Anyone have any ideas? Really need help!!

Oct 17, 17 1:44 am

How do you contain pollution in an artistic way and how does that increase awareness of water pollution?

Oct 17, 17 3:01 am

I've actually seen something along those lines already..

Oct 17, 17 5:55 am

I was once thinking about a perspex shield maybe 1 mile long along a polluted coastline that stops the tins and pollution making its way to the beach. Then comes the tricky aspect of how to collect it and remove it. Something that stops this happening. I know its probably outside of the box, but that is the idea isn't it... Its do able! Making something so big but also invisible is a challenge in itself. Is this even possible? I think it probably is. 

How would you increase the awareness of this happening? Well it wouldnt be there anymore for one and you could run little chartered boat trips for a buck a time to see the pile up of rubbish on the "otherside" of the shield. 

Image result for caring for water in polluted areas

Oct 17, 17 7:18 am

Seems its already been done, but you could certainly build on this in some way or approach it from a different angle. Aesthetics of the beaches and surrounding areas for example. 

Apologies if I am miles off with this. 

Oct 17, 17 7:29 am
Your grade is low likely because you're a lazy student. Asking the internet to do your homework will only compound the problem.
Oct 17, 17 8:10 am

you had a bad crit and got a low grade because you did a shit project. sorry Sarah Mosley, you're not going to be able to claim ideas from internet strangers as your own for the duration of a master's program. it sounds like you just don't have what it takes to succeed in architecture school.

Oct 22, 17 9:27 pm

If I had a gun to my head, I would look at the fall of the Roman Empire and add nuclear bombs and just in time global delivery as a predictive model for the USA.

Oct 23, 17 3:59 am

The AIA here in NYC has had water and resiliency as a theme for many lectures and exhibits this year. Some of these lectures are available to watch online: 

Oct 23, 17 5:05 pm

cool, thanks

Have you really looked at water as an issue? Yes, pollution is a matter but relative to what. Scooping detritus and muck out of a stream is different from fracking and it's potential to create complex hazardous water "types," or part of biophilic  remediation strategies as seen in vintondale pa. Also consider relative to where? Often they're landscape unto themselves

Oct 23, 17 5:21 pm

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