Grad school recommendation


My primary interest is post graduate degree with focus on construction management/BIM.  It would be nice if the department has good foundation for materials/fabrication and history/theory. Could anyone give a good list? (Ivy/non Ivy/even non US)

Thanks in advance!

Oct 11, 17 12:34 pm

Virginia Tech has a Building Construction program in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

Not saying you should go there.  Just that the program seems to be in the vein of what you're after.

Oct 11, 17 1:00 pm
Non Sequitur

Take a quick 2y tech diploma course in whatever local college closest to you.  You won't get much CM or BIM training in academia.

Oct 11, 17 1:01 pm

TU Delft, just combine building technology with building management and Bob's your uncle...very practical.

Oct 12, 17 2:57 am

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