building construction


Good afternoon,

i have an assignment to talk about the construction of windows in traditional timber house like what are the steps to construct the timber window (without using nails) for example traditional Malay house.

Sep 24, 17 12:26 pm

hello, I have a book about tradition Japanese wood framing. Send me your address I'll mail it to you. DC

Sep 24, 17 1:39 pm
gassermohamed and thank you so much

traditional (iPhone)

Sep 24, 17 1:39 pm

Is that "for example traditional Malay house" by any chance exactly the house you need to research?

Sep 24, 17 1:46 pm

Do your own homework kid.

Sep 24, 17 2:21 pm

I bought the book for a project, then realized I have no interest in the subject. The client sent me a retainer and then disappeared. 

Sep 24, 17 2:38 pm

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