Hot topic for Phd of architecture thesis?


Hi, what type of Phd thesis is on-demand at the moment and in the next 5-10 years, particularly in UK? Can someone in the industry suggest a topic/ which will be useful in practice?

Aug 19, 17 5:33 pm

How architects can make an adequate living for a change.

Aug 19, 17 5:35 pm

... worth it for the benefit of the whole :)


+1. Does the world really need another 200 page dissertation on Buckminster Fuller coming out of Princeton?

Non Sequitur
So you're looking into a phd in architecture but are so ignorant of the profession that you need to crowd source your topic?
Aug 19, 17 6:09 pm

How about you get your head out of your arse in your Ivory Tower and grind it out in the profession like most of here? Find out what the fuck the real professional problems are at the grassroots level.

Aug 19, 17 8:57 pm

Sustainable building in the ruins of WWIII.

Aug 19, 17 10:56 pm
Last I checked PhD theses were never in (nor on - you've got the wrong participle there unless you're delivering your thesis via drone) demand for paying clients of any sort. Using correct grammar and syntax are usually 'in demand' in academia, as is self directed research, so maybe start with those. Nothing done in a PhD thesis is remotely useful in practice. The degree is only useful for teaching and or obtaining clients. Possibly also useful for obtaining free intern/slave labor who think you might know something useful even when you don't.
Aug 19, 17 11:42 pm

Server farms and geriatric care facilities.

Aug 19, 17 11:51 pm

Don't know if you can squeeze a PhD out of this but quite hot seems to be:  Asking complete strangers to find you a topic to spend the next 3 to 4 years working on at a university because you yourself are too lazy and/or incompetent to do your own bloody research. Maybe something like that? Good luck and share the results when you're finished!

Aug 20, 17 1:59 am

'If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask.'

Aug 20, 17 3:00 am

Haha, well said sir. Asking people true much and I will get confused, but if I know what I really want, then there will be a master who I can find and help me right.


First of all for anyone tell me that i am a lazy person, I am not, I am a hard work person who recently gained a first-class degree in my BA and get a immediate job offer after graduating. Now the reason I am asking this question is that: whilst I am far from study Phd, a suggestion of topic will be useful to start considering it from now, couple of years before I 'might possibly' do the Phd. So I will have time to select the 'right one'. This is not a question of ignorance, but it is a question of future planning.

I am not asking for a clear topic line but an opinion might be useful? Or if you know a architect who did a Phd, then what his thesis is about? I want to talk to someone who has done Phd, in order to get more of his insight and opinion.


Aug 20, 17 4:17 am

Or talk to her and get her insight about her thesis you misogynist :)


should be ''his/her'' right?


Maybe gender-politics, misogyny and architecture could be a topic for your PhD...


In another post you wrote you had no work experience - A PhD topic comes from within and your life experiences so if you don't have a clue what interest you know take your time - it will come. Also to note it is much more difficult to get an academic job now a days in the UK and very little visa sponsorship - so if that is your intent think again.  I know many who finished PhDs at top Unis (Bartlett) and could not gain a full time academic role for sponsorship so returned to their home.

Aug 20, 17 4:37 am

If your interest is in teaching suggest you go through Uni web sites and look at the Academic Staff with PhD to see what their topics were and amount of publishing work they have completed. Generally a PhD originality requires multi perspectives - interdisciplinary so better off doing a Masters in something else then do your PhD on that plus architectures (history+Arch, Politics + Arch, Computation + Arch, MBA + Arch, Engineering + Arch)


I am actually will be 10 years in UK after the Phd, hence can work without visa sponsor. The choice of academic career does come to me, but it is not prioritised. There are some Phd alumi in Barlett works as architects and it make me curious about their pathways. In the Phd topic, I am actually interested in the relationship between Arch + Eco/Finance or Sustainability. I am wondering if i can spend time learning those topics during the MPhil then do a topic as a Phd candidate.


BA 3+MArch 2+Phd 3+1 extension gets you to 9. Be careful as a MPhil is a research degree then total tier 4 visa time becomes 8 years when you do a 2nd research degree. Also time out of country is very minimal for the long term settlement apps 180 single trip-540 days over 10 years.  

You should consult with a immigration lawyer before you choose your course. Details change daily with immigration and Brexit.

Aug 20, 17 7:32 am

9 years creates a Pile High and Deep.


...and useless more than likely regurgitating someone else's work/words contained in a new language. Unless you are doing field work or collaboration most will be disappointed-

Aug 20, 17 9:17 am

Why London modem architecture is so horrible.

Feb 2, 18 7:42 am
Non Sequitur

I like that one.


The Foster building and its outdoor plaza are quite nice, but that clunky and clumsy Tower Bridge on the other hand...


Has all the charm of an Antarctic research station. Cue the blowing snow.


Yes, it is designed with energy efficiency in mind, good observation!


Most buildings, since the dawn of man, with the exception of Le Corbusier's early glass boxes, have been designed with energy efficiency in mind.


this one is short and fat.. what's with their fascination with dildo-like shaped buildings?


It's better aerodynamically, less vortexes around the building, also more comfortable from urban aspect...and it will slide in more smoothly obviously...


"the memo"

Feb 2, 18 12:28 pm

PhD’s are intensive and idiosyncratic research activities and the author usually wants to leverage the work to their benefit after completion.

This is a long way of saying there’s no such thing as a popular PhD topic, and if someone has a lucrative topic, they’re not sharing it.

Feb 3, 18 7:02 pm

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