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I am a virgin architect.  I minored in architecture in undergrad, so I have never taken a studio, just the other typical core requirements of an architecture curriculum such as systems, arch history, etc.  I have a little model experience using Revit, but that's about it.

I am about to enter the first year of an M.Arch program, and I received an invitation to attend LEED Green Associate (GA) Training, after forking over $200.  This is a one day course that claims to have 100% pass rate on the exam.

My question is whether or not the course would be too difficult/ a waste of time considering how little experience I have.  I have heard people acknowledge that becoming LEED certified doesn't always make an architect much more marketable, but I am trying to line up some sort of internship next summer, so I'd like to add something to my resume.

Aug 15, 17 7:56 pm
Non Sequitur

It's likely just a money grab scam.

LEED adds little value espcially if you have zero practicle experience. Save you money.

Aug 15, 17 8:19 pm  · 
Sounds like a waste of money/time. LEED is fairly easy to pass with the aid of a study guide (a used copy is well under $200) plus the free resources available on the usgbc site and around the web. In terms of marketability, the jury is out. Firms sometimes use a high number of LEED holders to market the firm, and to achieve this will offer employees reimbursement bonuses etc to obtain the credential. In terms of individual employability it's not going to do you much good, especially if you haven't even worked in a firm. We already know you can pass tests as you were accepted into two degrees and finished one so far. Networking, experience and your portfolio are what you should focus on, in that order, as those will lead you to a job. Wait for someone else to pay you to do LEED later.

Also, pro tip, vendors, 'seminar' holders, and other various snake oil salesmen apparently never got the memo that architects have little power / $$. Prepare to be assailed with junk you don't need for the rest of your career if you stick with architecture. Sometimes I really wonder how they get our contact info and why they think anyone wants their unsolicited crap. I guess someone is dumb enough to fall for it so they keep at it. Just check out the spam on this forum for some examples. Learn to ignore them.
Aug 15, 17 10:19 pm  · 
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Going after a LEED certificate without ever having designed a building is totally pointless, I personally think those certificates are pointless no matter but certainly now before even knowing what architecture actually is.

Aug 16, 17 4:33 am  · 

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