New MArch program? At CMU

Was browsing schools and saw that CMU now has a MArch as of 2017.

Anyone have any insight or info about this? If it's as strong as their UGrad program, it sounds promising

Link to the program 

Aug 10, 17 2:23 pm
Non Sequitur

It's not actually accredited... so applicants run the risk of not having a useful m.arch if the school deviates from it's plans. 

Aug 10, 17 2:36 pm

Sorry , I don't have any insight I just wanted to say CMU is an apt acronym for an architecture program. 

Though I guess if it were me I'd try and look at the background of the faculty and see if they're solid and interesting and experienced. In my graduate school experience faculty really make the difference in a good or bad experience. 

Also obviously make sure it's accredited

Aug 13, 17 10:13 am

It's not an acronym for an architecture program but stands for Carnegie Mellon University.

Having read through the description and looked at the faculty, I would say, worth considering! CMU's undergrad program has historically been granted the highest levels in accreditation review (IIRC--something like 7-year approvals? Over 5-yr or 2-yr or probation or whatever) and most of these faculty are the same long-serving faculty that have given the BArch program its great rep and serve on the BArch accreditation team. So I sincerely doubt the program will not receive its accreditation--looks like they already have a preliminary review. You could certainly call them and have them answer for how they plan to achieve accreditation, what the timeline is, what plan B for students would be, etc.

I personally would never consider dropping $$$ on a masters program I hadn't visited--so I'd say, I'd consider this attractive enough to be worth a visit. There are some excellent teachers in the mix there. I went to undergrad there and some of these profs are among the very best I ever had, in all my years of schooling.
Aug 14, 17 4:17 pm

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