Architectural history and criticism



Are there any university/colleges that offer online courses for  MA/March in architectural theory, history and criticism?

On a different note, are MOOCs in the case of architecture non-existent only because of the need for faculty and peer to peer interactions?

Jul 18, 17 10:30 am
Non Sequitur


Jul 18, 17 11:30 am  · 

There are a few online architectural history courses through MIT OpenCourse, but not sure that they're worth anything in terms of a true degree or transferring credits to a university.  I could be wrong, but my impression is that they're more for continuing education learners.

Jul 18, 17 12:00 pm  · 
Probably more related to the need of institutions to collect tuition dollars to pay for campus gyms and other *necessities* of modern day academia.

If said unis are offering anything a simple search on the common moocs will reveal this. If you haven't found them on coursera, edx, etc they probably don't exist.

You could always just read books. Plenty of arch theory syllabi floating around. A lot cheaper too.
Jul 18, 17 12:01 pm  · 

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