die angewandte -Vienna- which studio Sejima/Lynn/Rashid ?


has anyone gone to the University of Applied Arts Vienna and can share some recommendation  regarding their admission process (portfolio-interview)?

Now seems there is an interview and portfolio revision in order to attend their  MArch but I am wondering which factors will be positively evaluated...  do you have any advise and opinion about the charachteristics each Professor is looking in a possible new student ?

in any case seems a terrific Master,do you think so too?

Jul 6, 17 11:56 am

Rashid-LOL. Haven't heard that name in about a decade. Is he still designing juice blenders?

Jul 7, 17 10:29 am

Oh you mean the product  designer that thinks he can do what an architect does? lol


I think that's his brother, although some of Hani Rashid/Asymptote projects look like juice blenders hahaha


^ lol juice blenders.   Just go with Sejima.. She's got the Pritzker.  Lynn, does he even build? 

Jul 7, 17 11:27 am

well, thanks for sharing 

Jul 10, 17 8:18 am
Non Sequitur

No problem


My friend studied with Sejima and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jul 10, 17 9:11 am

​thanks archiwutm8


I  have nothing against Studio Rashid, but it seems they are really interested in the design itself and in kickass renders, so at present they are not what I am looking for... the interesting choice would be between the Pritzker Prize Sejima or the more theoretical G.Lynn ,he has built some projects but maybe more importantly he grows a generation of Architects that will have a precise, unconventional style

Jul 10, 17 10:12 am

Are they going to be there regularly for the students though?

Jul 10, 17 7:41 pm

I don't know, but is a good question!:) I think they are quite busy

Jul 11, 17 5:09 am

They're there for crits and once in a while to teach. You'll have your own tutors.

Jul 11, 17 9:16 am

greg lynn taught at my school and i didn't hear any good things. he seemed pretty distant but it was an east coast school. i've also seen sejima speak twice and the dialogue in english isn't very fluent. so i wouldn't expect dynamic conversations with her, more like looking at models and drawings together and hearing her thoughts. 

i wouldn't make your decision to attend based on these names.

Jul 12, 17 11:09 am

I think their names are there as an advertisement trick. 

Look at their studio works and decide based on that.

Jul 12, 17 9:42 pm

Thanks for your suggestions

Jul 13, 17 7:15 am

Hi I am admitted to Lynn studio and will start my first semester this year. My reasons of choice are based mostly on their tutors/professors and work produced and cheap expense. The big names come rarely, for crits and important lectures only. So I would as well suggest checking their website to look into their work and brief intro which is the core of Lynn/sejima's thing king and theories. Bollinger is a great professor for structure and Kwinter a well-known theorist (definitely smart but hard to understand...).

I choose Lynn because his brief framework is quite work in parallel to my master's goal to explore into the theory of advanced architecture/cybernetic, etc. Lynn produced amazing theory and research contribution for sure. Am not sure about lecturing and tutor. I didn't choose Sejima because of her lack of theory establishment and English ability. She works in a way quite like Japanese architect which kind of neglecting critical thinking and arguments( personal thought). Pls correct me if wrong.

Jul 17, 17 11:09 am

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